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Sometimes I Hate Being Right

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As I predicted, I’ve been wasting WAY too much time in the last few days playing Sims. Why is it so hopelessly addicting? I can’t seem to drag myself away even when it’s not that interesting. I suck at life.

I’ve been reading a couple of vampire books lately. First it was Dracula and now Interview with a Vampire. They’re both good. Go ahead and read them. On your nook if you’re as cool as me.

All this literature has been causing me to contemplate the pros and cons of immortality. Just think of all you could accomplish if you lived forever. You really could see every award-winning movie, read every decent book ever published, play Sims for as long as you want without feeling guilty. But would having to drink blood be a fair price for the privilege of infinite reading time?

I also wanted to know if vampires have to get haircuts. They’re not technically alive. They don’t age. Different novels have different rules about whether or not they even breathe or have heartbeats. Apparently Edward Cullen doesn’t have a beating heart, hence no blood flow, yet somehow he can still get an erection to have unfathomably amazing vampire sex. Oh, and semen to make half-vampire babies. Seems inconsistent, but whatever.

But I can’t recall any author ever addressing whether or not their hair grows. Does that mean they have to have the same hairstyle for all of eternity? That seems boring.

These are the thoughts that come out of my head. You know your thoughts are just as weird. Don’t lie.


On Not Getting Things Done

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I had such a strange day today. I didn’t have to go to work, so that’s always nice. Geoff had asked me to make margarita cupcakes, so that was the only thing on my agenda. But mostly  all I wanted to do was play Sims. This is going to be bad. Very bad. I can feel it.

I make up stupid arbitrary rules for myself. It’s how I manage to accomplish things and resist succumbing to complete and total laziness. So today, I decided to wear whatever was at the back of my closet. For some reason, I imagine that my clothes feel neglected when they don’t get worn. I told you I was weird. So I ended up dressing up a bit today, even though the only places I went were Safeway and the craft store.

I set a timer for myself so that I would have to take frequent breaks from my new obsession to accomplish things of a more practical matter. I just get weirder and weirder.

I also felt a bit guilty for eating chicken on Monday, but I thought it wouldn’t be very respectful toward the chicken who gave its life for my dinner for it to end up in the trash. So it will be a meatless Tuesday this week. I promise.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made absolutely no sense whatsoever today. I’ll just tell myself that’s part of my charm. That’s the same as insanity, right?

I’ll be blogging the margarita cupcakes soon so you can make some of your own. Alas, I didn’t get to take any new photos because they turned out sort of ugly today. They still taste amazing, though. Do it. Trust me.


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It’s been a lovely lazy weekend, kicked off with a cholesterol sandwich. It’s the perfect way to start a day. I tried to shop after my shift, but it turns out I’m terrible at it. Even when I have a gift card, I’m so indecisive I can never actually choose something to take home. As much as I love pretty clothes, I rarely get to wear clothes of my own. Thus, I feel like I don’t deserve them. Something I absolutely can’t live without will surely pop out at me. The one thing I did go home with was a cupcake, which I graciously shared with my husband, even though I wanted to scarf the whole thing myself. I’m so nice.

When I came home from work on Saturday, Geoff was playing Sims 3,which he bought during my shift. Unfortunately, it took only a few minutes for me to become completely fascinated. I fear I will be wasting a lot of time on this game in the coming days. Pretty sure I frittered away a couple hours on it this morning. Oops.

The weather’s been so iffy lately, we didn’t plan anything big for today, but itching to get out of the house, we set off on foot this afternoon with absolutely no plan as to where we would go or what we would do. We ended up walking down the canal, then stopped in to the Starbucks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for a drink.

Geoff decided that he wanted to eat dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I had been to a few of their restaurants in high school, and didn’t remember it being particularly spectacular, so I’d never thought about going there, but he’d never been to one before and always wanted to try it. He was quietly amazed with the rock memorabilia on the walls, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Cliche chain restaurant though it may be, I would consider going back there. There was even some good live music. Normally I don’t go for cover bands, but this was an accoustic duet that was very creative with their renditions of classics like Lady Madonna and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

Geoff had a truly American experience this evening, eating at a restaurant that honors music first created in America, and then he ordered a pulled pork sandwich. What’s more American than barbecue? He absolutely loved it, saying it was one of the best sandwiches he’d ever had. He’ll hate me for saying that he enjoyed such a thoroughly American experience. I’ll have to make shepherd’s pie and jam tarts soon, I suppose.

Dinner conversation eventually led to a discussion of the best rock singers. We came up with Freddie Mercury and Bono as top contenders. Who would you vote for?

I’m off tomorrow, but Geoff is back to work. I’m planning on making some margarita cupcakes just because Geoff asked for them. I can’t think of a better reason.