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Falling Behind

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As I was driving home yesterday, for about an hour because traffic was just awful, I had this great idea to write my post really early so I could have it done and not have to worry about it. But as soon as I walked in the door, Geoff told me we needed to go to the store. Turns out we had someone coming over for dinner. Luckily, as he was in charge, this meant putting a pizza in the oven and opening a bottle of wine. I promise I’ll make you a real dinner someday, KC. After we got back from the store, we had to quickly tidy up the house. I didn’t get to sit down until about 6:30, by which time writing a post for On This Island was completely swept from my mind.

It wasn’t long after this, when I was trying to catch up on Facebook, that Geoff told me that he thinks we spend too much time on our computers. He works on a computer all day, and it makes his eyes hurt, so he doesn’t think we should use them as much in the evening. I guess I don’t get to use my computer on Sunday, which means I have a ton of stuff to do today, seeing as how I have to schedule a post for Awesome on 20 for Monday at midnight.

I like being on my computer. It’s the only place where I can pretend like I sort of might maybe have friends.

So today I have to make a recipe, photograph it, write the post and schedule it for Monday, and try to finish putting together the grill in the backyard so we can finally put it on Craigslist and get it out of our lives. I don’t even know how to turn a grill on, let alone put one together. Will somebody just give me $250 to kick it down a mountain? And I should probably make and photograph another recipe, too. No idea what it will be though.

I’m feeling the pressure this morning. Guess I should get up and get to work.


Where Did the Night Go?

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How did it get to be after 9 pm already? I seriously don’t understand how this can happen. I came home from work and immediately started making cupcakes. Then in a blink, Geoff was home and it was off to the shop for dinner. I wrote a post for Awesome on 20 and updated my ipod. And then it was bedtime. But I’m not there yet. I’m here talking to you.

Being a baker/blogger/office slave is time consuming. Nothing is ever easy. Nothing worth having anyway.

I really have very little to report today. I can see why Cheers stopped winning Golden Globes after season 8. Sam Malone is looking pretty old in season 9. I’m ready to move on to the next thing on the list. I think it’s an 80’s foreign film.

We’ve also been watching Homeland on DVD. I’m not completely in love with it, but it’s intriguing. It definitely gets more interesting the further in I get. It’s pretty easy to predict when a minor character is going to bite it, though.

When are they going to bring back Breaking Bad? I’m dying to see the complete destruction of Walter White.

I wish I didn’t have 70 things ahead of Mad Men on my Instant Queue.

Also, more Parks and Recreation, please.

Have I bored you enough with talking about TV? I need to get interesting. For realz!

Hump Day Haze

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I’m just not feelin’ it this week. Everybody at work has been completely bananas this week due to the impending gigantic island-wide event we have coming up on Saturday. People keep asking me questions like I know something, and I’m not a temp. Listen dudes, I don’t know. I’ve never done this before. Ever in my life.

It’ll be okay, though. After Saturday, it will all be over and they’ll owe me ten hours comp time. Of course, I probably won’t have a job with them for very long after that, but right now all I want to do is get through this week.

Traffic was stupid today, and Costco was as busy as always. Luckily, Geoff requested tacos for dinner, which I can make in my sleep, which I pretty much did. I’m lucky to have a husband that’s so easy to please.

I saw the most beautiful tulip at the grocery store today. I wish I would have taken a photo of it. It’s what a true blogger would have done. It was this crazy streaked pattern. There was only one in a bunch of other lovely but unassuming orange tulips. There needs to be more of that in my life, and less fluorescent lighting.

This is happening in my backyard. I need to get back there and do some laundry now that I think about it.


I bet you’ve been doing something awesome this week. I certainly hope so. Let me hear about it. I need some inspiration.

Skip a Day

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Do you ever wish I would just skip a day of blogging? Yeah, me too! Every day? All of them? Yeah, that’s a terrible idea.

I got moved to a crappy computer in the copy room today. There’s no one else back there but the other crazy temp. She talks to herself a lot. I feel like I should start mumbling about my swingline stapler or something.

I’m currently watching The Master, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It’s intriguing. The performances are intense. The colors are saturated. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be getting out of it. It’s not as good as Boogie Nights.

I published the first post of my new blog. You can check it out here, if you like. What should I do for my second post? Pack it in and admit defeat? Maybe not.


One of the chickens laid a freakishly giant egg today. It must be all the bacon somebody keeps feeding them. Seriously, it was huge.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is singing “Slow Boat to China.” Joaquin Phoenix is crying. I’m confused. This is not my favorite movie.

It’s going to be a crazy week. Treatsies has that Nicaragua Wildlife Fundraiser coming up on Thursday. That means buying groceries tomorrow, baking all night Wednesday, then rushing to the park on Thursday. I hope we sell out. I don’t want to have to take any of that stuff back home with me.

Deep breaths. Life waits for no one.

What? Words? Thinking?

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I have officially shut down my brain. I’m really wishing I wasn’t having to make words right now. I can hardly believe there’s still one more day left until the weekend. Eight hours of work, then plenty of blissful nothingness.

I should probably try harder to entertain you. I just don’t think my brain works anymore. It’s barely after seven, and I’m already thinking about going to bed. I’m just staring at this screen hoping something will come to me, but it hasn’t.

So… We had cholesterol sandwiches for dinner. I’ve been going to a lot of restaurants lately, and I have to say, that sandwich was the best thing I’ve eaten all week. Our chickens lay delicious eggs.

Also still pondering a blog. I’ve lost my mind.

I only just noticed that I have ink all over my hands. This is what happens when introverts get overstimulated. They become completely dysfunctional.

Let’s ask the husband guy what I should write about. Three guesses what he says…

If you guessed “Your face” you win!

My face is looking pretty old and raggedy these days. I have permanent reverse raccoon eyes because I can’t go outside without sunglasses. The rest of my face is all stupid tan, but the skin around my eyes is pale. I look ridiculous. Also, I’m all kinds of wrinkly these days. Mostly, I feel pretty gross about my face.

images (1)

Help me. I can’t write anymore. Must sleep.

Empty Nest

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Shhhhh… Can you hear that? Listen carefully. That’s the sound of a house devoid of all traces of out of town guests. That’s the sound of me doing absolutely nothing and going absolutely nowhere for at least several days. That’s the sound of me not driving the car anywhere for as long as humanly possible. That’s the sound of months about to pass without trips to the airport.

It’s also, of course, a bit of a sad sound. I know we’ll miss our families terribly. On the other hand, I need a bit of a break. If your family lives close by, you can go and visit them a few times a week, stop and chat, share a meal, and then go home and have a few days to yourself. When they live far away, you have to pack all of that communion into a few short weeks. You have to spend every possible moment with them. And why wouldn’t you? Make the most of it, and enjoy each other while you can. It can be a bit emotionally draining, though.

This isn't even close to everybody.

This isn’t even close to everybody.

I think it will take a few days to adjust to normal life. I know Geoff’s looking forward to getting back to work, whatever that may be. I remember when I was looking for work when we moved here, and every day that passed seemed like an eternity with nothing. When I stopped to think about it, only two weeks had actually passed. I know he’ll get something soon.

I also seem to have a ton of food in my fridge, but nothing to eat. One of the things I’m looking forward to most after all this excitement is getting back in my kitchen. I need to take stock of what we have and figure out what I can create. It should be fun.

I hope someone comes to visit again soon. But not too soon.

Can’t Take Sick Leave From Your Life

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I’ve been sick for three days now. I thought I was feeling better this morning, but apparently that’s only when I’m staying still. My congestion deprives me of just the slightest bit of oxygen, but it seems to accumulate somehow, and I find myself gasping for breath. Also, my brain just does not function well when I have a cold. I can’t see, I can’t hear, and I definitely can’t think. But who cares? There’s stuff to be done.

I have the house mostly clean now. Please come to our house and eat leftovers. I’m begging you. Just when I got the freezer emptied out, we brought back the leftover food and it’s full again. The fridge as well. I won’t have to buy condiments for a year.

Um... This is on our fridge now... It's a stretch, I know.

Um… This is on our fridge now… It’s a stretch, I know.

We also have a grill sitting in our backyard that we can’t use. It will require three screws and fifteen minutes to fix. Somebody please buy it from us. It would be so nice. It’s really big, and you can probably cook a ton of food on it, provided the regulator valve is working properly. Just whack it with something. That seems to work. I wouldn’t recommend moving it, though, once you’ve got it set up. It doesn’t seem to like that.

I got to share dinner with my grandmother this evening before saying goodbye to her and my aunt. We were also able to show her the video from the wedding. It’s not the same at all, and I looked awful, but she seemed to enjoy it. I HATE seeing myself on video. Life is much nicer when you don’t know what you actually look like.

Right now I just want to go to sleep. I need to hit the reset button. I mean, I actually left the keys in the car tonight while it was parked at the zoo. I’m hopeless. But there’s still a lot of action yet to come. Will I survive? Time will tell.