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I thought I had the perfect plan for Friday. What do almost teenage girls love? Well, surely, going to the mall has to be pretty up there. Finally, finally I had something that would make her happy. Or so I thought.

She was feeling great while we were in Forever 21. She even bought herself a cute pair of nautical high-waisted shorts. She looks adorable in them. After we were finished there, we went up to Godiva where we got my free chocolate for the month.  We shared a birthday cake truffle. It was pink and yummy. Then I dragged her into William & Sonoma where she said I’d get a reputation for being the crazy lady who pets the pots. It’s probably true. They’re just so beautiful.

But once Geoff got there, and we had our Chinese food for lunch, everybody was pretty much done with the mall. We had the possibility of an entire afternoon of air conditioning, but they didn’t even want to go to the bookstore. This was not what I had envisioned.

We went back to the house and proceeded to be bored. I think they played some video games, and I made cheese-stuffed meatball sliders that were freakin’ delicious! At least I can do one thing right.

Basically, almost thirteen year olds are hard to please.




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It’s been a lovely lazy weekend, kicked off with a cholesterol sandwich. It’s the perfect way to start a day. I tried to shop after my shift, but it turns out I’m terrible at it. Even when I have a gift card, I’m so indecisive I can never actually choose something to take home. As much as I love pretty clothes, I rarely get to wear clothes of my own. Thus, I feel like I don’t deserve them. Something I absolutely can’t live without will surely pop out at me. The one thing I did go home with was a cupcake, which I graciously shared with my husband, even though I wanted to scarf the whole thing myself. I’m so nice.

When I came home from work on Saturday, Geoff was playing Sims 3,which he bought during my shift. Unfortunately, it took only a few minutes for me to become completely fascinated. I fear I will be wasting a lot of time on this game in the coming days. Pretty sure I frittered away a couple hours on it this morning. Oops.

The weather’s been so iffy lately, we didn’t plan anything big for today, but itching to get out of the house, we set off on foot this afternoon with absolutely no plan as to where we would go or what we would do. We ended up walking down the canal, then stopped in to the Starbucks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for a drink.

Geoff decided that he wanted to eat dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I had been to a few of their restaurants in high school, and didn’t remember it being particularly spectacular, so I’d never thought about going there, but he’d never been to one before and always wanted to try it. He was quietly amazed with the rock memorabilia on the walls, and we were both pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Cliche chain restaurant though it may be, I would consider going back there. There was even some good live music. Normally I don’t go for cover bands, but this was an accoustic duet that was very creative with their renditions of classics like Lady Madonna and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

Geoff had a truly American experience this evening, eating at a restaurant that honors music first created in America, and then he ordered a pulled pork sandwich. What’s more American than barbecue? He absolutely loved it, saying it was one of the best sandwiches he’d ever had. He’ll hate me for saying that he enjoyed such a thoroughly American experience. I’ll have to make shepherd’s pie and jam tarts soon, I suppose.

Dinner conversation eventually led to a discussion of the best rock singers. We came up with Freddie Mercury and Bono as top contenders. Who would you vote for?

I’m off tomorrow, but Geoff is back to work. I’m planning on making some margarita cupcakes just because Geoff asked for them. I can’t think of a better reason.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Eat Ice Cream

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It’s been a bit rough around here lately.  There’s been an extra dose of stress, what with extra responsibilities at jobs and such.  Everybody feels down from time to time, but it’s nothing a walk on the beach can’t fix.

I started watching Downton Abbey.  I was already half way in love with it based on it’s reputation on NPR.  It’s been as deliciously stately as I had hoped.  Maggie Smith is brilliant.  I’m fascinated by the British servant class.  Upstairs isn’t half as interesting as downstairs.  I’m taking a little break to watch the second season of Modern Family since I only get it for a week from the library, but I can’t wait to get back to the world of the Downton Abbey kitchens.

Sunday, I made ice cream.  It broke my hand mixer, and I wanted to cry.  But the ice cream tasted freakin’ amazing.  You have got to got to got to make this.  You can get the recipe here.  Geoff thinks I should just go ahead and get a stand mixer.  Spending that much money makes me feel nauseous.  But I really want one.  I pet them when I walk past them in the store.  It’s a sickness.

And just in case I haven’t gushed about my awesome husband recently, I just need to say that he is by far the best husband anybody could ever have.  Yesterday I got off work early, so we had lunch together.  Then I walked down to meet him after work, and he decided that instead of going straight home, we should stroll through Waikiki.  It gets better.  “Let’s go to Ross and look at kitchen stuff,” he says.  Then he spotted a cute dress and bought it for me.  Then, he took me out for dinner and cocktails.  He rocks.  For reals.

I still sorta miss blogging every day, and yet I don’t actually find the energy each day to write something.  I guess it’s better this way.  Maybe I’ll do something exciting soon.  Maybe.

Shopping Spree aka United Sucks

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For those of you on the edge of your seats painstakingly following the ongoing saga of my daughter’s lost luggage, here’s an update.  As of this morning, the nice man presumably in India informed me, once I told him what was in it, that her bag has been located in LAX and is being put on the next Continental flight to Honolulu.  It should be delivered today or early tomorrow.  Apparently, if you don’t call the nice man in India, nobody bothers to do anything to find your bag.  And they say patience is a virtue.

But this post is not about this morning.  It’s about yesterday.  Also known as the second time in a row that I got my schedule wrong.  Only this time, instead of being early, I was late, which is humiliating.  I’m never late.  What’s happened to my brain?  Why can’t it seem to tell me to go to work at the correct time.  I’ve written it down in several different places, and I still get it wrong.  I’m in big trouble.

The first thing we did was head to the Ross in Waikiki to buy Emily some new clothes since she still had no baggage.  We stopped off at Starbucks after a stroll through the shops and hotels, then picked out some shorts and t-shirts for the little lady and walked back along the water in the simultaneous rain and sunshine.  I never stop being amazed at how beautiful this place is.

I was in the middle of trying to bake a second batch of vanilla butter biscuits when I got a phone call telling me I got my work time wrong again.  It was a bit of a mess.  But Geoff was diligent and didn’t let the cookies burn, so all’s well, and maybe today I’ll actually be able to decorate them.

Geoff and Emily took the bus to the mall to do a bit of their own Christmas shopping.  We all had dinner at Panda Express on my break.  They were very sneaky with their shopping, so I have no clue what they bought.  I hate not knowing.  It makes me crazy.  I always want to know everything.

In conclusion, United is lame, Ross has a very limited selection of kids clothes, and The Bus is usually pretty fast and efficient.  It’s almost Christmas.  I can almost feel it.  I’m looking forward to having a bit of time off.  I can’t wait to plan the Christmas dinner menu today.  And maybe make some fudge.  And some chocolate chip cookies.  ‘Cause that’s what my mom would do.

On Saturdays and Such

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Sleeping in is ace.

The quality of Target’s Christmas decorations has declined since I’ve been away.  Either that or all the good stuff is already sold out at Honolulu’s one and only Target.  Seriously, why isn’t there one on this side of town?  They’d make a fortune.  Off of me.  Wait, maybe that’s a bad idea.

If you’re stuck in traffic on Ala Moana on your scooter and getting a sunburn, go ahead and cut through the parking lot at Fisherman’s Wharf and Ala Moana Beach Park.  I don’t know whether or not it’s actually faster, but there’s a lot less standing still and the view is vastly improved.  I love the feel of this park.  It’s very urban.  And the aroma from people’s grills isn’t too bad either.

Go ahead and blow your weekly food budget on groceries for a Star Wars marathon.  Don’t invite people over with advanced warning without giving them awesome food.  That’s just my personal philosophy.

It’s totally okay to want to go to bed at 8:30 on a Saturday night.

Jack Kerouac is pretty awesome.  Norman Mailer is no Hunter S. Thompson.

Only a few days left until the Golden Globe announcements and I’m starting to get giddy.  I want to see Drive, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, My Week with Marilyn, Hugo, and Melancholia.  I also hope some of my favorite TV shows make it back on the list so I can catch up on them.  Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, and Big Bang Theory would be nice.

I’m a total total nerd and definitely not awesome.  But I love my life.

What Saturday Used to Feel Like

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Tuesday night, we turned off our alarms.  I was so happy to hit the pillow.  I mean, my eyes weren’t even working.  And when Wednesday morning came, there was no annoying beeping waking me up.  We woke up when we were ready.  It was beautiful.  And to make it even better, there was bacon waiting in the kitchen.  Super bonus was, I didn’t have to cook it.  Geoff whipped up his excellent bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with coffee or hot chocolate, for those who think coffee is disgusting.  We ate in the back garden.  It may have started to lightly rain halfway through, but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying this glorious morning with my husband in the sun.

We decided to walk to Ala Moana, which is always farther away than it seems when you first start out.  But I had recently decided to put my old divorce jeans in the Goodwill pile, reducing my jeans collection by 50%.  I recently read somewhere that Hilary Duff has over fifty pairs of jeans.  I thought I deserved at least two, so we hit up Old Navy, and I found a pair on clearance that Geoff said made my butt look sexy.  They were fourteen dollars, so I took them home.

By the time we walked back, we were hot and sweaty and a bit tired, but I was glad to have gotten the exercise.  I had another treat coming up, a fancy Aveda spa pedicure.  I so desperately needed this.  My feet were super disgusting, man.  Like you would not believe.  I’ve never had a pedicure from a pretty blond girl.  I’m sure that former prom queen was secretly thinking about how nasty my feet were and wishing that she spoke Vietnamese so that she could talk about me behind my back like they do in all the other nail shops.

For dinner, I made pancakes and Geoff cooked up the rest of the bacon from that morning.  Later he made jam tarts, and I ate way too many because they were so outrageously delicious.  It was a wonderful, beautiful day.  I got to spend almost the entire day with my man.  That guy is pretty awesome.  And I have the entire weekend off.  I think we’re throwing an all day Star Wars movie marathon party complete with drinking games.  Wanna come over?

Black Friday

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If you know me at all, you know that I hate waking up early.  My brain does not work properly.  It’s not even a matter of having my coffee first.  I hate coffee, and caffeine doesn’t do much for me most of the time.  It’s really just a matter of not talking to me for an hour.  I’ll be grumpy and incoherent.  So why the hell was my alarm going off at 5:45 am on Friday?  Well, as much as I hate getting up early, I still prefer it to work.  Given the choice, I’d rather just get up early and get it over with so I can enjoy my evening.  So I volunteered to open on black Friday.

Our garage doors went up at 7:00 am.  I got there in time to get some breakfast at McDonald’s before clocking in at 6:45.  The mall was very quiet most of the morning.  My guess is, all the people were getting their good deals at the big box stores early in the morning.  The mall didn’t get busy until later in the afternooon.  Around the time I left.  Insert evil laugh here.

Getting up that early left me in a daze though, and since Geoff was still at work, I took a nap.  I love naps.  I would love to be a cat.  I wouldn’t be expected to be nice all the time, and I could sleep whenever I wanted.  I was awoken by Geoff arriving home from work, which took me by surprise as I had left the phone on the bed for him to call me so I could walk down and meet him.  He called, but either the phone didn’t ring, or I somehow slept through it because there he was beside me.  This is when I discovered he’d eaten ALL the gravy.  I had been thinking about eating left over mashed potatoes and gravy all day.  My irritation was a bit irrational, I admit.  Remember, I’m grumpy when I first wake up.

I don’t understand why Black Friday has become so insane.  I understand a nice fun leisurely shopping trip on your day off, but why the stampedes?  Why the early hours?  Some stores opened at midnight.  I had customers in the store who told me they had been shopping literally all night long.  Does that seem insane to anybody else?  Are we really that greedy?  Are we really that desperate?  I just don’t understand why somebody would want someone else to have to be at work at midnight after a holiday, or four in the morning, or any other ungodly hour.  I had it easy.  We didn’t open until 7:00.  But I feel so bad for those people who were working the midnight to 8:00 am shift at Macy’s just so somebody could get a good deal on…  I don’t even know what.  Can you really not wait until the morning to get that?  It’s incomprehensible to me.  Stay home, people.  Enjoy your time off with your family.  And let retail employees enjoy their families, too.  Relax.  The stuff you use to give purpose to your life will still be there if the store doesn’t open until 10:00.  And seriously, stop with the shoving.  It’s just embarrassing to the rest of the species.

Rant over.  Almost back to real time.  Thanks for being in my head.