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Hiking with Teens

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Okay, it’s really only one teen, and really she’s not officially a teenager for another month. Stop making me older than I really am. Seriously, it’s not fair. It’s bad enough that all my former students are now entering their mid 20’s.


We took Emily for a hike to see Manoa Falls. It’s a simple enough walk as long as it’s not too wet. She didn’t complain and took about a million photos, but when we got to the falls and I asked her if she wanted to go on to the next trail or go back down, her answer to return to the car came very quickly. I think she liked it.


After that, we went to lunch at Kiss My Grits, and I drank my weight in sweet tea. My child loves biscuits and gravy, so she was a happy camper. I had the Piggly Wiggly, a giant biscuit with sausage made at the restaurant, smoked gouda, scrambled egg, and apple butter. It was a brilliant combination of sweet, savoury, and spicy. The apple butter was a wonderful surprise. I think this place might be my new favorite. There’s still more stuff I want to try on their menu.

Lunch was followed by a biscuit coma, and an evening of pizza. We’re trying our best to have fun without spending too much money. There are still so many things we have to pay for that are not remotely fun. Maybe, just maybe we can get out of this hole before the end of the year.

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the stats for Awesome on 20 the past week. It’s making me sad. Go read about the food I cook and the things I do while being poor. And click on an ad. Because you love me.


Heating Up

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In retrospect, maybe I made a few poor decisions today.  They seemed like great ideas at the time. Going to the beach was definitely a great idea. Having an awesome burger at Tiki Town was an outstanding idea. Ordering that second mai tai was a lot of fun. But it was lunch time, so there’s that.

Coming home tipsy and taking a nap in my non-air conditioned bedroom was perhaps a bad choice. I woke up feeling ill and overheated. We had to take an afternoon Safeway break to soak up some air conditioning. The combination of sun, rum, and heat sorta ruined my afternoon.

I did manage to put together a salad which was not remotely healthy. I mean, the thing was covered in bacon grease. It’s the best I can do.

Geoff launched his new blog today, which I feel like I can finally tell you about since he posted it to Facebook. He’s writing about one of my favorite subjects inspired by one of my favorite scholars, Joseph Campbell. The hero’s journey is an endlessly compelling subject, so I’m sure he’ll have plenty to explore. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Did you see my new post on Awesome on 20? It’s yummy.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I kinda don’t want to go back to work ever. Except for when my work is eating burgers at Tiki Town. Why doesn’t anybody pay me for that?

Finishing Up

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I just finished writing the last post that will appear on  I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. Starting next week, we’re launching our self-hosted site, It’s nearly ready, and all future posts will go live on that site. I’m excited to start building an audience. Perhaps it’s a bit premature, as I still have a lot to learn, not to mention that I’m still a million miles away from getting a good camera. But if I’m going to start attracting anything serious, I need to go ahead and make it legitimate.

Please please please tell all your friends. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share our links all over the place. I’m proud of the work I’m doing and how far I’ve come in just two months. I know it’s only going to get better. I just said something positive about myself, so you know I must be excited.

Also, I shared all my favorite foods tonight with my favorite person. We even got dessert and it was pretty much heaven. I’m not too proud to say I freakin’ love Chili’s. Yes, it’s a chain. Yes, the food is mass produced and probably not sustainable. But oh man does it taste amazing. We don’t go there that often, and when we do, it makes me outrageously happy. I can live with that.

We’re doin’ it. We don’t have any money, but we’re living. I’m mostly happy. Isn’t that enough?

Midweek Date Night

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Currently there are a bunch of flying insects in my living room. I’m finding this extremely irritating. I want them all to die. This makes me feel like a horrible person, but then one tries to fly up my nose, and I don’t feel so bad anymore. Also, I’m about to crush my iPod to dust. Things get annoying. It piles up. Then I act like a crazy woman.

My hero husband was amazing again today and wrote a blog post for Awesome on 20 while I was driving home from work. Who is he? How did I get so lucky?

The ocean was just so beautiful as I was driving home that I convinced Geoff  to walk into Waikiki. We spent way too much money on delicious Mexican food and margaritas at La Cucaracha. I had kalua pork enchiladas with chipotle sauce. They were spicy and smoky and perfect. The best Mexican food I’ve had in a long time. The passion fruit margarita was pretty good, too.


After that, we walked along the beach dodging tourists and taking in what was left of the sunset. The ocean never disappoints. I live in heaven.

Austerity will need to reign for the rest of the week, but I don’t mind staying in. Luckily, I sorta know how to cook. That makes life so much closer to perfect.

Celebrating Past My Bedtime

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A completely wonderful thing happened today. It’s almost 10 pm, and I’m not asleep yet. It’ll be okay, though. Everything’s fine. I swear.

Geoff got a job! He’s the new executive administrative assistant for Oahu Nature Tours. And he gets to wear shorts and slippers to work. And he doesn’t feel like dying anymore. So that’s pretty great. And we’ll be able to pay our rent, so that’s good, too.

We wanted to celebrate by going to Cheeseburger in Paradise. Yes, I ate a cheeseburger yesterday. Do I look like I care? It’s okay, I’ll have salad tomorrow.

So anyway….

We get to the corner and there appear to be a lot of cops standing around. I think it’s the typical HPD overreaction to some meth head. Then I notice they’re right outside the restaurant we want to go to. We try to talk to the hostess and this is when I notice the cops have their guns drawn. One guy had  a big scary looking rifle. There were at least a dozen cops. We decided to leave. As we headed further into Waikiki another three cop cars pulled over, and a bunch more cops poured out, all with various weapons unholstered. One officer’s gun clicked ( I don’t know if he was cocking it or what) and this poor Japanese girl jumped. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. It was a bit disconcerting.

Luckily, we just walked a few blocks to the next Cheeseburger on Lewers. The hostess station was a hot mess, and it took forever for our waitress to take our order, but once we got the food, it was fantastic. I had the Royal Ali’i Burger, which has bacon and a fried egg. I contend there are few things in life that cannot be improved by the addition of a fried egg.

And now my feet are killing me, and I’m completely exhausted. Come by tomorrow for chicken caesar salad and cider. We’ll continue the celebration.

Hangover Malaise

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Normally I’m quite happy to spend a Saturday relaxing and not accomplishing much. We both woke up feeling the effects of Friday night’s sangria, leaving us more unmotivated than usual. Yet for some reason, I felt a bit guilty about my laziness today. What has become of me? I just had this nagging sense of anxiety that I should be doing something. I could never seem to figure out what it was, though. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to come up with a new post for Awesome on $20. I need three things for next week. Any ideas?


The highlight of the day happened before 10 am. Geoff claims that the only cure for a hangover is McDonald’s breakfast, but we got there and it was closed due to a power outage. We found ourselves starving on Waialae and had no choice but to get breakfast at Big City Diner. It was the first time we’d gone to a proper restaurant since all of our guests left. I felt a bit guilty about spending the money, but not as happy as I felt eating the cinnamon bread french toast. You have to treat yourself sometime.

I hope tomorrow I can figure out what it is I’m supposed to do. I hope I can unscramble my brain long enough to get some writing done. Focus, kid. Focus.

Hawaii Bluegrass

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After a hectic day at work trying to tidy up after someone else, I went for a dip in the Ilikai pool. The weather was not as warm as I would have liked for pool going, but one has to keep one’s husband happy, doesn’t one? Oh, and I should have mentioned that I got to eat a doughnut this morning. It was completely amazing. Total bliss.

We went to Kailua to meet up with some of Geoff’s friends at Big City Diner. I decided to be different and order one of the weekly specials, grilled chicken pasta. I should have just had a cheeseburger. The pasta was limp and overcooked, the chicken was dry, and it was full of mushrooms that I couldn’t see very well in the dark. At least there was garlic toast.


The best surprise of the night was discovering that a local bluegrass band, The Salloon Pilots, was going to be playing live. Luckily, the restaurant was busy enough that we were still finishing up when the band started, and we got to stick around for the first set. I think it might have been the worst night of Geoff’s life, but I rather enjoyed it. They were pretty good players and sang well enough to entertain us. The banjo and guitar players were especially talented. I’m glad I got to take them in.

Also, you can listen to the entire Steel Drivers album, Live at the Station Inn, in the time it takes to drive from Kailua to Waikiki. In case you were wondering.