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Pretend Tourists

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Pretend Tourists

On Saturday, I finally managed to talk Emily into going to the beach. We only had seven dollars, so we made taking in the sights our main focus.


As we were walking into Waikiki, we stumbled upon a parade billed as Family Day. The first float we saw featured a scene reenacting Jesus on the crossed being whipped by a Roman soldier. Um… Hooray for family? The whole thing made me uncomfortable to say the least.

The first thing we had to do was swim in the ocean, but there’s only so much salt my face can handle. Soon enough, it was time for five dollar lunch and some photography and exploration.


You can get an almost 13 year old to walk pretty far if you put a camera in her hand. She had a great time looking for the perfect shot. I think she took about half a million photos of everything from mirrors to trees. Some of them came out pretty great. She’s a talented and intelligent child.


I’m glad I finally found someone who likes to wander the streets just looking at stuff and sometimes taking random photos. There’s plenty of magic to be found if you bother to open your eyes and look for it.

We also watched Lilo & Stitch, which Emily claims is her favorite. Now Geoff knows what I’m talking about when I say, “We need desserts!”


I like being a family.


Losing Already

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I have to write super fast because I didn’t post last night. We’ll see how long I can go before Geoff shouts at me about using technology. He’s on his phone, though, so I think I’m safe.

My camera baffled me yesterday, and didn’t take the photos I thought it would. I’m hoping this is because it thinks it’s smarter than me and tries to do things automatically. If I ever get a real camera, maybe I’ll be the boss. I just want the color that shows up on the screen before I press the button to be what the photo looks like. I can’t figure out why that doesn’t always happen. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable expectation. This is why I need a photography teacher.

I didn’t accomplish all the stuff on my list yesterday, which made me feel slightly less than awesome, but Geoff came home and seemed happy, especially after a half price frappuccino, so all was well with the world, and no further work was accomplished.

I bought myself some chalk at the craft store. I can’t wait to stick it in my hair. It’ll be just like high school only without all the mean cool kids.

The original Star Wars have officially been deemed better than the prequels by me, and you know mine is the only opinion that matters. A more obtuse script I can’t imagine.

It’s going to be interesting editing this later. Blogging from my phone is hilarious. But you deserve words that make sense.

Now it’s time for me to shut up so my husband doesn’t feel neglected.


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I rushed home today and immediately went to the store. I had to get my photos done before the light was gone. I’m so serious these days. It’s like I’m actually trying or something.

I needed to write a post for Awesome on 20 tomorrow, and since Geoff had just posted about our herb garden, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. But you can’t just photograph an herb sauce by itself, no matter how gorgeously green it is. So I skipped off to the grocery store and picked up a sour dough baguette, some salami, and some fresh mozzarella. I have to say, once I drizzled that green sauce on that white cheese, I thought I might just be starting to get the hang of things.

awesome sauce full

Unbeknownst to me, Geoff was rigging up a set of sorts for photos. I was in the kitchen making sauce, and when I went into the bedroom to set up, he had pushed the bed into a corner, nailed a curtain to the wall (we don’t have any decor in our house because we’re not supposed to put holes in the wall, and yet he decided to nail the curtain. He’s crazy sometimes) and moved one of our side tables in front of the curtain. It’s a brilliant idea. It needs a bit of adjusting, but I so appreciated the thoughtfulness and the initiative. Wow, who is this man? He wants to be married to me? He deserves so much better.

I still need to learn about how to work with the light. So far, all the instruction I’ve tried to obtain has been fairly vague or over my head. I wish I could take a class so I could ask a hundred questions. I’m so dumb when it comes to photography.

Also, I really need a DSLR. That’s all there is to it.

When I started writing, I was sighing about having nothing to say, and yet I’ve just spilled out 300 words. Wow, sorry about that. I guess I have more on my mind than I thought. If you are a photography guru, please give me tips. I really want to learn.

Also, holy monkey I love blogging. I’m having a great time. Even when I seem stressed. Why did I talk myself out of it for so long? I guess I just wasn’t ready. Look out. The time has come.


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First off, I completed the monumental task of watching eight and a half years of Cheers, and just in time. Season 9 took a real dive. I was ready to cross that off my list. As far as style is concerned, Lilith wins my vote for favorite character on that show. At least once per episode I could be heard to exclaim “Holy crap, what’s he/she wearing?” Today Lilith was wearing a dress I would actually like to own. Also, you can tell she’s a dancer. That woman has some great legs. Woody wins the most endearing character award. By far.

bacon cupcakes

I made some chocolate cupcakes with bacon cream cheese frosting. They were quite awesome. I’ll be sharing the recipe Friday morning over on the other blog. I’m taking the rest into work tomorrow to try to avoid eating them all myself. It’s the hardest part of my job as a baker/blogger.

I’m thinking of cleaning up Emily’s room and rigging up a bit of a faux photo booth on the bed. It has the best light of any room in the house. I should be able to plop some food down on the bed and make it look awesome-ish. I can’t wait for our new lens to arrive. I have no idea what it does, but I like new toys.

I also want to start thinking about submitting links to sites like Tastespotting. I don’t think my photos are quite good enough yet, but I need to promote my blog somehow. I can’t just keep relying on friends and family. I feel bad for you guys.

I also have some design ideas in the works. I’m trying to figure out the best hosting situation. I don’t want to spend a ton of money. I love using wordpress, but I don’t know if I want to pay $100 to have it on my website. Blogger always looks so blocky and childish, though. Ugh. Too much thinking out loud is happening right now.

Why don’t I know about computer stuff? Why? When are they going to invent a super high speed knowledge brain implant. I need it now!


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I woke up freezing this morning. The weather app on my phone said it was 62 degrees. I had to use my fleece blanket and everything. Then later we went for a walk, and I was burning up. I checked the old weather app, and to my dismay it was only 78 degrees. It’s going to get ten degrees hotter. I may need to start daytime hibernation soon.

I spent a boring day cleaning the house and working on the blog. I wish I could have some graphic design knowledge implanted into my head Matrix style. I have no idea how to make a properly sized header for my blog. Never mind the fact that I don’t have an appropriate image to use in the first place. I’m a writer, not a designer. Ugh. How do I make a blog look cool? I suck.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to be a blogger, I’m going to have to get in the hang of this photography thing. I’m going to try doing this geek photo a day project from my favorite blogger, Darla at Bakingdom. I also downloaded a photo collage app on my phone. He’s my first quick and dirty attempt at making things look appealing. I need lots of practice.


The dreaded C word keeps cropping up everywhere I look. Confidence. I wish I could find it. I keep seeing silly quotes about it on Pinterest. Then again on the covers of magazines in grocery stores. Why can’t I just be one of those people who thinks they’re good at stuff? Are they just born that way? Is confidence genetic?

Still keeping my fingers crossed for a string of good luck to start rolling in. There’s got to be some balance restored to the universe. Am I right?