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Mission Fail

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So I’ve been telling you so much about the things I have been doing.  Let me tell you about a few things I need to accomplish and haven’t been able to.  I wouldn’t want you to think I’m having too much fun.

First off, I still have no kitchen table and chairs to eat dinner at.  I’ve had a couple of opportunities to buy a table, but haven’t been able to because I didn’t have the money.  This isn’t to say that I don’t have the funds available, only that I can only take out a certain amount per day from the ATM, and if I bought a table, then I wouldn’t have enough money to get a plain ticket for Emily.  Yet another failed mission.  More on that later.

My dad has a table at his house that would be perfect for our place.  He insists that I should be able to buy one like it somewhere, even though I’ve never seen another one, and my mom bought that one probably 20 years ago.  Both sides of the table fold down in the middle, and you can use just one side at a time if you want.  When it’s folded out all the way, it’s quite big and could easily fit six to eight people.  When both sides are folded down, It’s just a slim rectangle that fits neatly against the wall without consuming too much space.  Underneath this rectangular part in the middle, you can store all four folding chairs that come with the table and hide them away with a little sliding door.  Oh, and the whole thing’s on wheels.  Anybody know where I can buy one of those?

The other major thing I failed to accomplish was buying Emily a ticket home.  I have no credit card, and couldn’t use my dad’s card because he didn’t have enough money left in his account.  So I thought I’d go to the airport and try to book it there and pay cash.  But when I finally got to the ticket counter, the lowest price they could find was $950.  Yikes.  So now I have to find some angel who’s willing to let me give them cash and put the ticket on their credit card so I can book it online.  Any volunteers?  And I could have bought a table after all since I didn’t get to buy the stupid ticket.  Grr.

I also failed to catch the number 9 bus since it never showed up at the dark creepy bus stop under the freeway outside the airport.  Luckily, Geoff was on the phone with me the whole time.  After giving it almost 10 minutes to appear, I just got on the next bus that came along and let Geoff and Google reroute me through town.  I made it home without too much problem.  Not sure what I would have done if he wouldn’t have been at home in front of the computer, though.

See, life here isn’t always perfect.  It’s still life.  It still gets crazy.  The best thing about me being gone so long yesterday was that it gave Geoff and Emily plenty of time to hang out.  I love watching those two get to know each other better and better.  Geoff acts more like an annoying big brother than a step dad, but I hear a lot of laughing, so it can’t be too bad.  Seeing my two favorite people laughing together has got to be the best thing in the world.


Getting Things Done

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Did I mention I need one of everything?  Did I mention I can sometimes get sort of frantic when I’m stressed?  Did I mention I had a practically empty apartment with three extra people now staying in it?  Did I mention I was quietly freaking out?

If I recall correctly, I got very little accomplished on Monday, and yet I was somehow still exhausted by the end of it.  I did manage to get to Costco in my dad’s car to buy a microwave so we could eat the leftovers that were accumulating in our fridge.  I also zipped over to Walmart, yet again, on my scooter to get a few more things necessary for survival for the first night of house guests.  I think Emily and Geoff went swimming somewhere in there.  I can’t remember what I made for dinner, but I know there was a bottle of wine and four cheap wine glasses in my basket.

I hate Walmart.  They are environmental and human rights offenders.  Their products lack quality and style.  And yet, when Target is a half an hour away, it’s simply not practical to drive out there to get the cheap stuff we need for our apartment.  And buying things at a nicer store is just not an option.  We are currently in need of the cheapest of everything.  My hands are tied.  There’s not much I can do about it but hope that at some future date, I might be able to replace some of these cheap things with something a little better.  I know.  There are much worse problems to have.  But that’s where I’m at right now.  So be it.

First Night

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Okay, I know it’s Thursday morning.  I know you haven’t heard from me since last Thursday evening, but it’s not my fault, I swear.  Since we checked out of our hotel last Friday morning, we haven’t had internet access until about a half an hour ago.  Internet dude was supposed to come on Wednesday, but never showed.  Luckily, he came to us first today, so now I’m connected and ready to go.  But I still owe you a post for every day, so step into my time machine.  Let’s go back to Friday.

We rounded up the last of our stuff from the hotel room, loaded it into my dad’s rental car, and checked out of our first home in Hawaii, the Ewa hotel.  If you ever need a cheap room in Waikiki, this is a great place to stay.  There’s no pool, and the breakfast isn’t exactly gourmet, but the service was friendly, the rooms were clean, and the wifi was relatively reliable.

We had some yummy french toast at the restaurant at the Ohana East hotel with bacon and eggs for five dollars.  It was sweet and crispy on the edges.  There was coconut syrup, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.  From there we took a brief stroll through Waikiki and back to the car before doing some necessary apartment shopping.

After a Costco trip in which I acquired a brand new HD TV for my husband (His prized possession.  What is it with guys and fancy TVs?) and yet another excursion to Walmart where we bought something to put the TV on and some bedding for Emily, amongst other things, it was time to get all of this new stuff set up.

It also happened to be trash day.  We noticed that the big trash can outside our apartment was starting to smell really awful.  It was also attracting quite a number of flies.  When we were finally brave enough to open it, we discovered it was full of drippy oozing trash bags, and a few random bits and bobs just tossed into the bin unbagged.  A lovely little gift left for us by the previous tenants.

Disposing of this trash was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life.  I am outrageously grateful that Geoff was there to deal with the most disgusting bits.  There was some raw fish and a whole package of raw steaks in this bin.  All the bags were crawling with maggots.  Geoff wore rubber dish gloves to pull the bags out and deposit them on the sidewalk with the rest of the trash.  There were a couple times when we both thought we were going to vomit.  I am definitely not cut out to be a CSI.

Geoff had to go in to work again on Saturday morning, so we went to bed early.  The first night sleeping in a new home is always a bit strange, and I slept poorly.  But I was in my own home.  The place where I will be laying down my head to sleep each night for at least a year.  There was still much work to be done, but it could wait.  We were home at last.

Pack It Up

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One week from now, I will be waking up in a Taiwanese hotel room.  All of my possessions will be in suitcases.  My apartment will be empty.  Two years worth of stuff has to be condensed into four bags, and it’s starting to give me nightmares.  Last night I dreamed of piles of paperwork and heaps of clothes multiplying into huge mounds and burying me.  Sometimes my subconscious isn’t very creative.

I hate packing.  I absolutely detest it.  When I go on vacation, I usually just throw a bunch of stuff into a bag at the last minute.  I almost always forget something.  Moving to a new house is pretty horrible, too.  Taking everything you own with you to a new place sucks.  Putting it all away and then getting it all back out again?  What a pain.  But moving to a different country is a whole different experience.

There’s no U-haul and cardboard boxes involved here.  You can only take what you can carry.  I don’t have nearly as much stuff this time and no furniture to worry about, so that does make it a bit easier.  But still, making the decision on what stays and what goes is tedious.  I don’t tend to buy things I don’t think I’ll need or use.  I don’t have a lot of junk.  Everything I don’t take with me will have to be replaced when I get there, which costs money.  I will basically be starting over again kitchen-wise.  And then there’s the furniture problem, which I won’t even get into.

How am I going to wrangle all of my possessions from around the apartment into two suitcases?  Every time I think about it, I want to tear my hair out.  Can somebody send the packing fairy along so I can wake up next Monday with all my things neatly packed, sorted, or given away?  Yeah, thanks.