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To The Movies and Back Again

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Tuesday was a frustrating day. We made plans to go see Pacific Rim, but due to a very irritating mistake at the box office, for which I received no apology, we didn’t get to see an afternoon showing, which is the whole reason that I got the car out, picked Geoff up from work, parked in that ridiculous parking garage, and sent my husband off to eat a giant hot dog for lunch. I was irritated. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be irritated when the box office girl lies to you and then sells you the wrong tickets. That seems perfectly reasonable to me.

So back home we went, with tickets for a 6:30 show, which meant we had to drive the damn car again. We had to stop three times on the giant incline leading into the parking lot, and I nearly had a heart attack worrying that we would roll back into the car behind us. Seriously, my hands were shaking from the adrenalin.

Once we finally got in there, the movie was awesome. Definitely go see Pacific Rim on the big screen. It was an excellent combination of storytelling, action, humor, camp, and serious destruction. Oh, and Idris Elba. Cause he’s just… Wow! If you haven’t watched Luther yet, you’re dumb. It’s streaming on Netflix people. Do it now!

I love movies. This one was no exception.


Movie Day

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Tuesday I woke up and made loco moco for one, took it’s picture, and fed it to my daughter, all before 11 am. It has an egg in it. It can be breakfast, right? Emily wanted me to make loco moco for the blog. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t even realize she knew what it was, never mind actually craving it. She seemed to really enjoy it, so I guess that’s all that matters.


After that, we picked Geoff up from work and headed to Dole Cannery for $6 movie day. We brought our own delicious snacks and watched Despicable Me 2, which was just as cute and fun and hilarious as the first one. Next week, we’re going to see Pacific Rim, and I can’t wait. Giant sea monsters and giant robots AND Idris Elba!!! What could go wrong?

It’s been fun having Emily help me with the blog. I still haven’t convinced her to write a post for me. She says she doesn’t know anything about food writing. Neither do I. I just do it anyway. Maybe that’s why my blog does so poorly. Maybe I should actually be good at something instead of just blabbing the things in my head. A little eloquence perhaps?

Perhaps I’ll just continue to be a disaster. How about that? Sounds like more fun anyway.



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We just now finally made it to the first episode if the new season of Arrested Development. I didn’t love it, but that’s not a about to stop me from watching them all. They’re obviously working with a much smaller budget, and I’m hoping they just haven’t found their rhythm yet. But I’m committed. I’d feel like I was turning my back on the Bluths if I didn’t watch it.

We also watched Star Trek Into Darkness, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Simon Pegg made me laugh on so many occasions. They all did. There was suspense, action, humor, drama, and best of all Benedict Cumberbatch. You just said his name out loud, didn’t you? He’s so delicious. Watching this movie actually made me want to go back and watch the source material. I don’t recall having those thoughts after the first J.J. Abrams movie. I really came to life these characters and wanted to learn more about them.

Reimagining a well known story can be so tricky. You just have to love it for what it is. Like everything else in life.

A New Tradition

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Raise your hand if you had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. After three days of sorta sleeping in, throwing off the blanket when my alarm went off was brutal. I define sleeping in as waking up whenever you feel like it. I actually don’t mind waking up somewhat early these days. It’s just the having to get up that really sucks. I could have quite happily stayed in bed another hour this morning. Alas, I must participate in the game of life and earn money so I can live. At least I get to go to work for an organization I really believe in. That’s a blessing.

I felt a little funny going to work and leaving my poor brand new baby blog unattended for the first time. It was like getting a kitten and then leaving it in the house all day for the first time. Luckily, I haven’t learned how to check Google analytics from my phone yet. I did write a first draft of tomorrow’s post on my phone during my lunch break. Oops. It needed attention.

Plus, I had a date to go to the movies with my handsome husband after work, so I knew I needed to get a jump start on my hobby that I wish was my job. It’s weird that I can’t wait to get home from the job that pays me so that I can do work for which I receive no money. I’m sick in the head.

Geoff and I finally saw Iron Man 3 today. The best part was that the tickets were only $6 each. For the whole day. I think we’re going to have to start doing this every week. If there’s something worth seeing. Lucky for my husband, this theater doesn’t show artsy independent and/or foreign films, so Geoff will never have to sit through a film about people and their feelings. That’s the great thing about summer movie season. We can usually find movies we both agree on. Maybe if the timing’s right, he can go see Oblivion while I watch Gatsby. Then we can just meet up at the end. $6 movies are the best.

Also, being married to your best friend is pretty rad.

Losing Already

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I have to write super fast because I didn’t post last night. We’ll see how long I can go before Geoff shouts at me about using technology. He’s on his phone, though, so I think I’m safe.

My camera baffled me yesterday, and didn’t take the photos I thought it would. I’m hoping this is because it thinks it’s smarter than me and tries to do things automatically. If I ever get a real camera, maybe I’ll be the boss. I just want the color that shows up on the screen before I press the button to be what the photo looks like. I can’t figure out why that doesn’t always happen. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable expectation. This is why I need a photography teacher.

I didn’t accomplish all the stuff on my list yesterday, which made me feel slightly less than awesome, but Geoff came home and seemed happy, especially after a half price frappuccino, so all was well with the world, and no further work was accomplished.

I bought myself some chalk at the craft store. I can’t wait to stick it in my hair. It’ll be just like high school only without all the mean cool kids.

The original Star Wars have officially been deemed better than the prequels by me, and you know mine is the only opinion that matters. A more obtuse script I can’t imagine.

It’s going to be interesting editing this later. Blogging from my phone is hilarious. But you deserve words that make sense.

Now it’s time for me to shut up so my husband doesn’t feel neglected.


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Some days you just have nothing to say. You don’t accomplish as much as you’d hoped and then you lose all momentum and your purpose seems to just disappear and nothing happens and you find yourself writing endless run-on sentences. But you just go with it because, really, who’s going to stop you?


I did manage to make a cheesecake, though the photos will have to wait until the morning. But I failed to go buy lipstick, do any solo leisurely shopping, or read my food photography book on the beach. It was a bit disappointing. I guess taking that nap was a mistake.

We spent our evening watching Star Wars. The dialogue in Episode II is really the most obtuse collection of ridiculous words ever amassed. It’s despicable.  Just atrocious.

I’m seriously debating spending money on getting my hair cut, which is not my favorite thing to spend my money on. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about getting a pixie cut for five years, and I seriously hate my hair right now. I always wear it up or in a braid. I’m much too lazy to actually fix it.  I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive to make it all go away.

I am supremely boring today. I should really try harder.

Past and Future

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We took a time machine back to the 90’s today by going to see Jurassic Park 3D. That’s such a great movie. It still really holds up. The old computers are the only thing that dates it, but it’s not a serious distraction. I had a great time. The best thing about going to an early matinee on a Monday is that there’s a chance that there might only be five other people in the whole theatre. Pretty sweet. Also, the 3D glasses are much better at Dole than at Ward. Just a tip.


We’re looking straight into the future with the blog. Geoff managed to buy the domain name for Awesome on 20. He’s spent a good part of the day trying to learn to code the damn thing so it will look exactly like it does in my crazy brain. He’s learning all of this by Google search and trial and error. It’s fun for awhile. Then it gets frustrating. Then he gets a headache from looking at the screen for too long. Then I feel bad asking him to change things. But I don’t want to put out a blog that I think is just okay. We’re not going to launch until I have the design just the way I want it.

Luckily, my goal was to stay on a free blog for six months. It’s only been about five weeks. I think we’ll arrive ahead of schedule and looking awesome. I’m glad he’s excited about the stuff that makes me want to kick things. The photography is hard enough. Can you imagine if I had to do all the tech stuff, too? It wouldn’t happen.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. This weekend has been like a dream. And it’s been made all the more wondrous by the fact that none of it was really planned. I just kept finding myself grinning unexpectedly at every turn. I’m hoping to hold onto this feeling for as long as possible.