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Dogs and Sport: A Sign of My Love

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Last Saturday was one of those rare days that neither of us had to work. We mostly enjoyed it thoroughly, but as I describe it, it will quickly become evident that Geoff made all the plans. But if it means I get to spend time with my husband, I’m happy to do just about anything.

I can sometimes be curmudgeonly. I don’t like crowds. I also don’t like waking up early. Oh, and dogs? Not much of a fan. They’re fine from a distance, cute in photos, but I feel uncomfortable around them. I especially don’t like them peeing on my shoe, which had never happened to me before this past Saturday.

So guess what we did. We got up early, drove to the other side of the island, and joined a big group, including volunteers from the Oahu SPCA and a bunch of dogs for a nice steep early morning hike. Geoff was so happy to be surrounded by so many dogs, and he even got to walk a couple of them. Unfortunately, I ruined everything by not eating breakfast, or dinner the night before for that matter. Halfway up, I suddenly felt very dizzy and nauseous. Much as I may have wanted to, I had to rest for a few minutes and then go back down to avoid puking. I suck. I make everything suck.

Oh, and then it started raining on the way back and we were completely soaked by the time we reached the car. We also got lost trying to remember which exit to take for Target and ended up at the Naval base without my driver’s license. There’s no opportunity to u-turn once you take the exit. DO NOT ENTER! So embarrassing.

So that was the dogs. What about the sports you ask? After some lunch and a nap, we went to Aloha Stadium for some football. I’m not allowed to say the word soccer. Geoff got some cheap tickets off of Groupon. He was so happy to be close to the action. It’s his favorite sport, and I learned a lot during the game. I ate a lot, too. What else is there to do at a stadium?

They may not have been my first choice of things to do with a day off, but honestly, it was a great day. If you can spend the day with someone you love, it doesn’t matter if you’re stranded at a garbage dump. I was happy to do things I knew my husband would love. When he’s happy, I’m happy.


Along the Ridge

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Have you gotten tired of seeing photos of sweeping valleys taken from the tops of volcanoes? Yeah? Well, too bad because I haven’t gotten tired of taking them. Crap as my photography skills may be, I’m not about to go hiking with my little point and shoot camera.

After a short but awesome drive up St. Louis Street, we reached the Wa’ahila Ridge Trail. Clucking around in the ironwood needles were at least a dozen adorable chickens. I wanted to take one home in a bad bad way. I will have a chicken in my backyard one day. Mark my words.

This trail was a bit more challenging than some of the others we’ve been on. It was steep and narrow in a lot of places, but the views were well worth it. We did a lot of scrambling over boulders. I’d say it definitely counted as a workout. That reminds me, I need to do some Pilates or something after this episode of 24. You haven’t been hounding me like I asked.

We were dumb and forgot to bring water, so we didn’t make it to the end, but I will definitely be going back to this trail, especially since it’s just up the mountain from our house. It was more challenging than just a nature walk which makes it a bit more exciting. Come visit me. I live in a beautiful city.

No Pain No Gain

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Remember how I was looking for something to kick my ass and make my body all floppy with muscle-building pain?  I found it.  It’s called attempting to walk to the top of a dormant volcano.  In this case, the Wiliwilinui Trail.

Geoff carefully checked the map, and we determined that we should take the car, because the scooters probably wouldn’t make it to the trail head.  It’s pretty steep up there, and our scooters here aren’t that powerful.  However, when I went to start the car, I discovered we had a dead battery.  Not sure what caused it.  Perhaps the open glove box?  Regardless, the car couldn’t be driven, so we hopped on our scooters and headed out of Honolulu.

When we reached the guard hut outside the gated community you have to drive through to get to the trail head, the guard told us that the neighborhood doesn’t allow mopeds and motorcycles.  Are you kidding me?  Gah!  Rich people!  So we had to park our scooters at the tennis courts right at the entrance, and walk an additional two miles UPHILL, like on your toes the whole way, through this neighborhood that is nothing but an excuse for conspicuous consumption.  I was irritated.

But once we actually got into the trail, past the guy with about ten angry-looking, shock-collared dogs in the back of his truck, it was absolutely beautiful.  I got to take in wide sweeping views of Honolulu.  The wind sounded like a jet engine up there.  It was truly extraordinary.

This trail also featured a lot of creepy narrow passages in the style of a scary movie.  Every time we’d go into one of these tunnels of trees and the leaves would start to blow across our path, I was certain we were going to be attacked by wolves of ghosts of something spooky.

See that antennae way up there?  That’s the end of the trail.  My feeble legs definitely didn’t make it all the way out there.  Maybe next time.  My hips are still like jello right now.  I probably would have had to be airlifted out if we had gone all the way to the end.

It was an absolutely gorgeous hike, and I can’t wait to go on another one.  I definitely needed a nap when we got home.  The weather wasn’t conducive to going to the beach, so instead we did a little bit of shopping.  Geoff made me try on jeans.  It was dismal.  We later made tacos, Geoff’s with habaneros, and he pretty much set his mouth on fire.  It was a wonderful day.