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The Last Chair I’d Ever Choose

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There are a lot of unpleasant things I have to do in my life.  Washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, etc.  I have to spend a lot of time in unpleasant situations as well, dealing with people I don’t understand in places that make no sense, or spending hours on end with spiteful teenagers.  But the thing I hate most of all is going to the dentist.

I hadn’t been to the dentist in Taiwan before today.  In fact, I haven’t been to the dentist in about five years.  That seems to be my average since I moved out on my own, and my mom stopped making my dentist appointments for me.  I dread it that much.  I’ve been very lucky and not had any cavities as an adult, though I had quite a few when I was younger.  But the dentist’s office is scary.  It’s full of pointy objects that someone wants to put near the soft tissue of my mouth.  There are horrible sounds of drilling and scraping that make me nauseous just hearing.  And I’m always convinced that the dentist is going to shout at me about my bad teeth, just like my parents have always done.

A few notable things happened during my visit to the office of doom today.  Firstly, I don’t have any cavities, so yay for me.  I think I get a prize.  It better not be sugar-free candy.  That stuff sucks.  Most awesomely, the place that I visited was called Celebrity Dental, and it had some amazing Chinglish on the walls.  I paid 50 NT for my visit today.  That’s less than two US dollars.  My total time at the dentist’s office was less than half an hour.  And they cleaned my teeth with a jet of water, rather than a horrible scraper thingy.  It was all over very quickly, and though it was still a bit painful and the noises were quite gruesome, it was a definite improvement over what I’m used to.  I’m sure a few steps were skipped, mostly the waiting, and they didn’t polish my teeth with that sandy stuff, but they feel clean, and I got a free toothbrush, so all in all, I guess it was a positive experience.  Or as positive as going to the dentist can be.


Catching a Cold in Taiwan

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Most of the time, this country is so bloody hot I feel like my skin will actually melt off.  However, there are a few months in the year where the temperatures dip down into the teens (Celsius), and the humidity makes it feel like you’re walking through a cold shower everywhere you go.  There is no indoor heating.  My apartment is very drafty.  The tiles hold onto the cold.  It gets down around 14 degrees in my bedroom at night.  So what does that mean?  I have a cold.

Going to the doctor in Taiwan has its perks and its annoyances.  I was in and out in about fifteen minutes when I went to see the doctor on my street today, no appointment.  I paid the equivalent of just over three US dollars for both my doctor visit and all my meds.  Normally in the US I wouldn’t even consider going to the doctor because of the cost and the hassle, but it seemed like the best way to convince my boss I really was sick.  The down side is the drugs themselves.  I was given six different medications that I have to take three times a day.  I just took the first batch.  We’ll see if they work.

Being sick is always the thing that makes me miss home the most.  When I’m feeling under the weather, the thing I want most is a mom to fix me a bed on the couch, bring me tomato soup, hot chocolate, and popsicles, pet my head and take care of me.  I know if my fiancée were here, he’d do anything I asked him to do, but I’m home alone.  But even so, nothing replaces a mom.  I wish I still had one.   Sucks.  C’est la vie.

So I’m wrapped in my snuggie watching The Good Wife on the couch wishing they sold Puffs Plus with Lotion in Taiwan.  I made myself some mac and cheese and left over ham.  I’m probably going to indulge in another cup of hot chocolate later on.  What the hell.  I’m sick.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that these drugs will help me get to sleep tonight.  Then tomorrow I will get up, go to work, and reflect on how much has changed since New Year’s Eve last year.  But that’s a story for another day.