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Cosmic Fun

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Saturday was bowling day, but bowling didn’t start until 9 pm. Geoff had to work, so Emily and I hung around the house and did girly things. That is, once she finally got out of bed. Letting an almost teenager pick out your bowling outfit can be dangerous. Almost teenagers have very little understanding of the squishy bodies of old mom types. But we eventually agreed on an outfit and a hairstyle. There was no way I was letting her go near my eyeballs with mascara, though. Not in a million years.


Bowling is not one of my favorite things. I’m completely awful at it, so it’s usually pretty embarrassing. I also had to meet a bunch of new people, which is terrifying. Combining two dubious activities in one night was a bit scary. I think I managed to survive it without embarrassing my husband too terribly much. Hopefully, the next time Geoff wants to go out with his workmates, he’ll still want to invite me along instead of hiding me in a closet.


Emily got a strike and was even winning for a little while. She was glued to the TV between turns, which was showing a US national team softball game. She was mumbling to herself through the entire thing. I had no idea what she was talking about. She is super into softball. Weird.

Oh, we also made some double chocolate muffins and took their picture. You can check them out and make some yourself.

We stayed up way past our bedtime, too. It was pretty fun!


Pizza Night

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Friday nights used to be date night in Taiwan, but here in the middle of the ocean, it’s turned into pizza night. By the time I come home from work, Geoff has usually already bought the pizza and the wine. I don’t have to think about work for two whole days. I can finally relax, even though I probably have to wake up in the morning and cook something then take it’s picture, which is weird, but not about Friday.

Often times we also have visitors on a Friday night which is pretty much my favorite thing. I think that’s why I find Ina Garten’s life to be so romantic. She just has this huge house and she makes food and people come over and eat and drink, and everything is perfect. If only… I wish I knew more people to invite over and cook for. Come to think of it, though, I don’t actually cook anything on Friday nights. But that’s part of having the night off I guess. Wow, thinking out loud is not making any sense right now. Do over.

I love having friends in my house. I love feeding them, even if I don’t have the energy to make something from scratch. I love sharing wine and stories and laughs. It’s my favorite thing.

I also booked Emily’s tickets. For a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that we’re broke, I had to wait until the last minute to book them. I know, I know, I could have saved money by booking them earlier. Well, the money didn’t exist then, so it wasn’t an option. But I’d sell a kidney if that’s what it took. I just want her here. And I don’t even want to say goodbye. But I’m not going to think about that.

Friday nights are magical.

Road Warrior

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I owe you a post.

About two minutes before it was time to leave work yesterday, the big boss came in and said it was pouring down rain and the roads were flooding so everybody should leave now. Of course, this meant I was going to be completely soaked by the time I got home. Everyone tried to offer me a ride. All the fretting was sweet, but a little bit stressful. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was warm and the rain was soft most of the way. Traffic was backed up so nobody was going that fast. I had lovely music in my ear. I was fine until I got home and found my driveway blocked.

That’s when the irritation that I had been trying to suppress all spilled over. The stupid architect on our alley decided to repave his part of the road, which means that all the people who actually live here and need to park in the area at night are supposed to not drive their cars to their own houses. Everybody just pulled down the caution tape and moved the cones and drove down their stupid road anyway. My neighbors don’t have a lot of patience. Neither do I when I’m soaking wet.

LV came over and we had a brilliant five minute French feast. I made salad from a bag and some ridiculously delicious brie that we slathered onto a baguette. ¬†Lindsey brought white wine, and French vanilla ice cream, to keep with the theme. It took almost no effort and was extremely delicious. I had just enough wine, and I’m glad, in the end, that we didn’t have another bottle because I likely would have woken up with a headache.

I love it when LV comes to hang out. There’s extra laughing. I love laughing.

All and Nothing

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It seems like I’ve accomplished practically nothing since getting home from work today. Except that I got to catch up with a very dear friend, which is actually about all there is to life. I mean, work is great, especially when it allows you to be creative and follow your passions, but connecting to other actual humans is sort of the whole point. I have so few friends, I really mustn’t neglect them.

Geoff practiced his cocktails tonight after filling out some tedious paperwork. I won’t say what it was about just yet, but we have our fingers crossed, though trying very hard to not hold our breaths.

I’m racking my brain trying to remember the rules for our Star Wars drinking game. We might have to make up a few for the Star Wars day post.

Now it’s time to let my mind wander into what next week’s posts will be about. I love getting suggestions from you. I’ve gotten a few great ideas from other people. If there’s something that I’ve made for you, or something about my life you’d like to know more about, please let me know. I have a backlog of ideas to pull from, but I’m constantly on the hunt for inspiration.

And can I rant about lipstick for a minute, please? I have this particular brand in mind because it’s supposed to be a good drug store fake out for something expensive I’ve had my eye on. I’ve been to two different Long’s and neither one even sold lipstick in this brand. How do you carry a brand of makeup and then not sell their lipstick? That’s just weird.

Geoff’s trying to buy a new video game online. I love him more than words can say. Especially when I can read my food blogs without feeling guilty about the silence.

We make a perfect couple.

When Do I Get To Call Myself a Writer?

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I wrote another blog post for Awesome on $20 all about hustling to make a buck using your hidden talents. I got to give a shout out to some really creative people. I’m hoping I can create a sense of community with my blog. There are a lot of struggling people out there. We gotta stick together.

I feel I should apologize for all the self-promoting. Then again, who else will promote me if I don’t? If I’m going to be a “blogger” with “readers” (major eye roll), somebody’s gotta get the word out. Whatever. It’ll be okay.

I’ve decided that I’d like to attempt to commit to writing three posts a week for Awesome on $20, so with the daily posts on this blog, that’s 10 posts a week. Plus, it seems that I am now writing all the thank you letters for donor services, as well as a couple other development-related things. I don’t mind; it’s totally cool. It’s the most interesting part of my job. Maybe I did get that degree for a reason after all.

I just can’t be one of those writers who agonizes over every word. I was like that when I was taking creative writing in high school. I guess maybe if I was writing something for real, I’d have to give it a bit more care and scrutiny. But mostly I just have to say whatever spills out and be done with it. I never remember to actually write all the clever things I think of while I’m cutting out laminated posters. I wish I had a digital recorder in my brain.

We went to LV’s new studio apartment tonight. My little LV is all grown up. I’m so proud. She’s going to be so much happier there with her own space. I just hope she doesn’t forget about us.


Lastly, check out my geek photo of the day. If I fail as a blogger, it will likely be due to the fact that I forget to take photos of every single thing I do. I guess that’s a thing humans are doing now. I can’t get the hang of it. I’m just not hip enough.

Don’t let the man get you down.

Crisis and Accomplishments

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Some of you may have caught my husband’s blog post from today. All I can say is that my heart is breaking for him. Yes, it’s been stressful on both of us not having the income that we’ve depended on, but what worries me most is my husband’s emotional state. He’ll probably say I’m being girly talking about feelings, but there’s no denying that he’s depressed. Having struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life, I know how hard it can be to recover. And it doesn’t matter what anybody says to you most of the time, your heart can’t cope with what your brain knows to be true. And no, you can’t just “cheer up.” All I can think to do is tell him how much I love him and that my faith in him has not diminished in the slightest.

Who couldn't love this face?

Who couldn’t love this face?

I want him to be outrageously happy. I would give just about anything to make that happen. If anybody has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’m helpless.

We just spent the last hour helping our friend move out of her apartment. This could not be more exciting as I happen to know that this particular individual has been extremely unhappy with her living situation for about a year. Her sense of triumph at finally moving out is almost palpable. But since said individual is currently still in a walking cast, it takes a lot of help carrying her stuff out of her house. Isn’t helping you move the whole point of having friends. I couldn’t be happier to have participated in her escape.

It’s getting heavy, kids. Send encouragement. Reinforcement. Food? Or wine. Definitely wine.

Rained Out

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With all the misfortune we’ve had in the year of the snake, we have been lucky in one thing lately. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for a majority of the time our guests have been in town. We had warm sun and clear skies almost the entire time. Except for today.¬†Really though, for Hawaii in March, we should all consider ourselves very lucky to have had so much sunshine.

Today was Gaz and Laura’s last day. They fly out at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and it will take them two days to get back home to England, where they will no doubt be longing for the warm rain we had today. They weren’t about to allow the foul weather to deter them from making one last trip to the beach, though. After breakfast at Duke’s, we headed out to the wet sand and sat in the rain while Geoff and Gaz went for a swim in the grey ocean. They swore it wasn’t cold, but I live here. I can just wait for conditions to improve.


We had to go home and get showers and a nap before heading back out for dinner. We gorged ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory, and then proceeded to make our way home in the rain. Saying goodbye to Gaz and Laura at their hotel totally sucked. All I can say is that I hope we see them again very soon.

I have one sick puppy lying next to me right now. A walk home in the rain was the last thing he needed. I’m pretty sure he got this cold from me, so I know how miserable I’d feel if I had to walk home in the condition I was in on day two. He’s taking it like a man, though. Luckily, his mommy is here to look after him and bring him orange juice and a sandwich tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll enjoy getting to do a bit of mothering.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, and though I really enjoy my job, I can’t say I’m ready to return. But life has a way of moving too quickly sometimes. That’s just how it works. You just have to jump in and hold on. Here we go.