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Pack Your Basket

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Sunday we prepped our picnic. Or rather, I prepped our picnic. I made and photographed brownie butterscotch pudding parfaits. Oh, and then I wrote a post for them. I also made some seasoned butter to use on our grilled corn. Might as well just combine all the things you want to put on your sweet summer corn into one container when you’re going on a picnic. Or even if you’re just eating in your own house. So much easier. I also made up spicy southwest burger patties. We don’t fool around when it comes to feeding our friends.

The heat was growing, and at 5 pm, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of the house. We packed up what we thought was everything and headed out.


So we found a table in the crowded park, unpacked, and began to cook. It was halfway through the first batch of burgers that the fire went out. Apparently, we were out of fuel. So off to Safeway I ran to save the day. When we finally had those burgers cooked, only then did we realize the burger buns didn’t make it into the bag.

So maybe it wasn’t a perfect picnic, but it was still a pretty tasty dinner, and it got us out of the hot house. Sometimes, the small triumphs are what you need to focus on. Good food, good friends, big laughs, and deep breaths.


Rural Style

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Sunday we got up, ate cholesterol sandwiches, and drove out to Kualoa Ranch to sing the Jurassic Park theme song. Okay, that’s not really why we went out there, but I do get the urge to hum that tune every time we drive by. We were actually there because Geoff got us free tickets to the Hawaii Farm Fair. He knew there were going to be animals, and he wanted to get his hands on some of them.


While we were out there, he got to pet a horse, some sheep, a goat, and a couple of pigs. The cows weren’t interested, and the baby chicks were too far away to reach. You know how some women want to get pregnant every time they see a baby? I think that’s how Geoff is with chicks. I’m sure he was desperate to get more chickens all day. It’s just not possible, though.

The fair was a bit minuscule, and after wandering around for about an hour, we’d already seen everything there was to see. I felt bad because we’d driven all that way and there wasn’t really much to do. It was too hot to eat, so we didn’t even get to have lunch at one of the food trucks. I made up for it by taking everyone to Teddy’s for dinner. Geoff was ill later, though. I guess we won’t be going there again, which is a shame because I actually really like their food.

The heat is trying to slow us down. Are we an unstoppable force? Probably not. But we adventure on none the less.

Record Breaker

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Thursday was an exciting day. I woke up and checked the stats for Awesome on 20, and we already had about 50 views. I had a feeling it was going to be a record breaking day. And it was! By 11:00 am we had beat our record of 73 views by 12 views, and the day had barely begun.

994195_10152990927440293_1481534757_n (1)

We started out our day with a quest for palm oil free Oreos that didn’t cost a hundred dollars. We drove out to whole foods and read a few labels. We finally managed to find the 365 brand without palm oil for $4. They don’t taste quite as good as the real thing, but I don’t feel nearly as guilty eating them.

We made and photographed milkshakes. They didn’t come out as pretty as I’d hoped, but they tasted awesome! In the meantime, our stats continued to grow, and we were soon over a hundred. What was even happening? I have no idea why we were having such a great day.

There must have been a few people who were reading pretty much all of our content and clicking from page to page because we didn’t actually have that many individual viewers and referral sources were pretty random, though surprisingly, a lot of them came from a comment I left on Joy the Baker’s blog.


We tried to get our free slurpees, but 7-11 was out! How could they let this happen? Free treats are one of the few real joys of life. Okay, maybe not, but I did really want it. We just had more milkshakes instead. Go big or go home.

We ended up with 151 views by the end of the day. I was ridiculously excited. There’s no way to know how to replicate these results or even why they happened. It could be a total fluke and will probably be ages before we reach 100 again. It’s never going to be a big successful blog, but I still want it to be the best it can be. Hopefully a few people will like it. That’s all I can ask for.

Movie Day

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Tuesday I woke up and made loco moco for one, took it’s picture, and fed it to my daughter, all before 11 am. It has an egg in it. It can be breakfast, right? Emily wanted me to make loco moco for the blog. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t even realize she knew what it was, never mind actually craving it. She seemed to really enjoy it, so I guess that’s all that matters.


After that, we picked Geoff up from work and headed to Dole Cannery for $6 movie day. We brought our own delicious snacks and watched Despicable Me 2, which was just as cute and fun and hilarious as the first one. Next week, we’re going to see Pacific Rim, and I can’t wait. Giant sea monsters and giant robots AND Idris Elba!!! What could go wrong?

It’s been fun having Emily help me with the blog. I still haven’t convinced her to write a post for me. She says she doesn’t know anything about food writing. Neither do I. I just do it anyway. Maybe that’s why my blog does so poorly. Maybe I should actually be good at something instead of just blabbing the things in my head. A little eloquence perhaps?

Perhaps I’ll just continue to be a disaster. How about that? Sounds like more fun anyway.


Hiking with Teens

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Okay, it’s really only one teen, and really she’s not officially a teenager for another month. Stop making me older than I really am. Seriously, it’s not fair. It’s bad enough that all my former students are now entering their mid 20’s.


We took Emily for a hike to see Manoa Falls. It’s a simple enough walk as long as it’s not too wet. She didn’t complain and took about a million photos, but when we got to the falls and I asked her if she wanted to go on to the next trail or go back down, her answer to return to the car came very quickly. I think she liked it.


After that, we went to lunch at Kiss My Grits, and I drank my weight in sweet tea. My child loves biscuits and gravy, so she was a happy camper. I had the Piggly Wiggly, a giant biscuit with sausage made at the restaurant, smoked gouda, scrambled egg, and apple butter. It was a brilliant combination of sweet, savoury, and spicy. The apple butter was a wonderful surprise. I think this place might be my new favorite. There’s still more stuff I want to try on their menu.

Lunch was followed by a biscuit coma, and an evening of pizza. We’re trying our best to have fun without spending too much money. There are still so many things we have to pay for that are not remotely fun. Maybe, just maybe we can get out of this hole before the end of the year.

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the stats for Awesome on 20 the past week. It’s making me sad. Go read about the food I cook and the things I do while being poor. And click on an ad. Because you love me.


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As far as I’m concerned, the whole point of a holiday is to eat good food. If you have a day off, it should probably be spent cooking and eating with people you love. Well, that’s just what we did on the 4th of July.


Emily and I made sausage rolls and lofthouse cookie bars while Geoff was at work. She made the cookie bars almost entirely by herself with just a few tips from the head chef. They turned out pretty amazing. We all got a pretty serious sugar rush.

After Geoff had a short post-work nap and a shower, we packed up our picnic and walked into Waikiki. It was packed! There were tents everywhere. People had brought half their house with them. It seems excessive to me, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, so more power to them. I just can’t be bothered to go to that much trouble.


We ate our three course meal on a tablecloth under a tree at Queen’s Beach, and it was lovely. But in my opinion, that’s not nearly close enough to the action for fireworks. I like to be able to feel the fireworks when they go off. So we packed up our gear and headed toward Fort DeRussy Beach. We snagged a prime spot in the soft sand where we could watch the waves gently rolling in as we awaited the swarming crowd and the subsequent explosions.


The older they get, the harder it is to make your kids laugh, especially when they’re already sulky. I think we had a few good moments, and a pretty nice seat for the fireworks. All in all, it was a lovely day.

The Sparrow Has Landed

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Tuesday morning was like waiting for Christmas. It went by slower than I could have imagined and the anticipation was out of control. I attempted to perfect the boiled egg. Three minutes is too long. Geoff’s got me hooked on dip dip soldiers, so I’m trying to learn just how I like my egg. I also need tutoring in the skill of whacking the top off of my egg. I failed.

I also made some dill potato salad and took it’s picture on my bed. That’s what I do now. It’s crazy, and I love it. I want to do more of it and better. A new camera now seems further away than ever. But that will give me time to practice my food styling and composition. I’m still not going to spend a bunch of money on props, though. If you have any kitchenware, dishes, textiles or any other random stuff you’re thinking about getting rid of, call me first. I might be able to use it in my blog.

But then finally, finally, finally, Geoff got home from work with a lei and ate lunch. Then it was time to go. We were a bit concerned that the car wouldn’t start, but after a bit of revving to work out the kinks, I got it going. We aired up the tires and set off for the airport.


It seemed like she was the very last one off the plane, as always. But I had her. There were big hugs all around, we fetched her suitcase, and got the heck out of there.

She is now under my roof. A bit sullen from having to move and missing her friends, but mostly happy as always. She’s eating my food and playing my games. I even made her help me edit photos for yesterday’s post. I cannot begin to put into words how happy I am to have this kid back with us. I wish it never had to end.