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Monotony and Surprises

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My job can be pretty boring sometimes. Like, claw your eyes out boring. I suppose it’s better than “ruining” children’s lives, but mindless, droning work isn’t exactly rewarding. I try to keep my mind busy with podcasts, and I probably check my phone way more than is actually necessary. I’m the kind of person who usually feels the need to do about eight things at once, so being bored is rather frightening. That combined with having to sit still for the entire day can be brutal. It’s getting to the point where my coworkers actually feel sorry for me when giving me new boring tasks to accomplish.

My evening ended up being rather hectic, though, as a coworker put in a last minute Treatsies order. I found myself having to stop into Costco on my way home from work, and then make a double batch of white chocolate raspberry blondies. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to photograph them, so they won’t even be appearing on the blog. I’ve had people tell me it’s one of their favorite desserts, so I hope I can share them with you.

I also had to prepare a post for Awesome on 20 about working out without paying for it. I seriously don’t get why people buy gym memberships. There are plenty of stairs you can walk up and down for free. Why go to a yoga class and have people sweating all over you when you can do it in your own living room? And for goodness sake, what the hell is up with running on a treadmill. Running isn’t boring enough? You have to do it without actually going anywhere or seeing anything? Baffling.

Someday I will get caught up. Someday my skin will stop burning and my head will stop pounding and my stomach will stop turning. Someday. But not this day.


Late Night Stroll

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Geoff worked yesterday, and I made passion fruit curd, then put it on a cake. Then it oozed too much and I’m afraid to look at the photos because I was in such a hurry, I barely noticed what I was shooting. I’m so not good at this. That’s probably why I’m still getting fewer than 20 views a day over on Awesome on 20. I guess it’s just not good. Well, that’s okay. Maybe I’ll learn to quit someday.

The grill of doom had us waiting until nearly 8:00 pm to set off on a three mile walk to dinner. We went to Buca di Beppo and ate fried mozzarella and stuffed shells, and it was awesome! But we were already so tired from the walk there that the walk home was fairly miserable. My hamstrings and shoulders are extremely sore this morning. I’m not sure what it’s from, but I’d like the pain to stop, pretty please.

But I wouldn’t walk six miles with just anyone. We spent our stroll through Waikiki trying to find women with clear shoes. You know only one kind of woman wears those. If somebody can tell me why, I’d be very interested to know. It seems an odd phenomenon to me.

Hopefully we won’t waste our entire day waiting on Craigslist lurkers again. I do have a cake that needs to be eaten. Any takers? Seriously, come to my house and eat cake.

The Pact

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I have this new hair cut now and it makes me feel like thing are possible. Like I could change more than just my hair. My husband got good news at work and things are looking up. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to dig ourselves out if this abysmal hole.


Geoff’s changing up his look, too. But the thing we most want to change is our bodies. I love food, and while I’m willing to take it easy, I’m not willing to “go on a diet.” What I really need to do is get off my butt. It’s so hard to find the motivation. It’s just so much more fun to watch movies and read food blogs. And cook things filled with cheese. And drink cocktails. Well, you get the point.

I told Geoff that we should make a Tony Stark Pepper Potts workout pact. We have to force each other to do some kind of activity for at least thirty minutes every day. And who cares if it’s fun. Suck it up. I mean, it’s obviously better if it’s fun.

We will likely fail. We will likely be soft and squishy forever because we like to eat more than we like to move. But I want to live to be very old with him. There are so many things we want to see and do. We have to stay healthy enough to conquer the world. We’ll see how it goes. I’m going to go put new batteries in the scale right now.

Eat the Street

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We hit up Eat the Street again. Once again, I don’t think I ate anything actually related to the theme of garlic. I was so busy stuffing my face and feeling fat, I didn’t even think to take photos. I ate a cheese covered waffle dog, and it was totally awesome. Just trust me on this. We also went to the cookie tent, and I really wish I could tell you the name of it because it was divine. I had a peanut butter chip brownie topped with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream, and Geoff had a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. They were both huge.

And this was after my coworkers brought donuts, three kinds of cake, brownie brittle, and lace cookies into the office. And the day before they made me eat three cookies. It’s ridiculous. Just getting out of hand.

Every time I say I need to lose weight or get in shape, I kind of want to punch myself in the face. On the other hand, I also want to have more energy and look good in a swim suit. I wish there was some sort of workout website comparable to kitty roulette, where I could just click a button and get a new random, and hopefully amusing, workout every day. Exercising is just such a boring waste of time. And there’s sweating. Gross.

I hope you’re eating wonderful food this weekend.

Along the Ridge

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Have you gotten tired of seeing photos of sweeping valleys taken from the tops of volcanoes? Yeah? Well, too bad because I haven’t gotten tired of taking them. Crap as my photography skills may be, I’m not about to go hiking with my little point and shoot camera.

After a short but awesome drive up St. Louis Street, we reached the Wa’ahila Ridge Trail. Clucking around in the ironwood needles were at least a dozen adorable chickens. I wanted to take one home in a bad bad way. I will have a chicken in my backyard one day. Mark my words.

This trail was a bit more challenging than some of the others we’ve been on. It was steep and narrow in a lot of places, but the views were well worth it. We did a lot of scrambling over boulders. I’d say it definitely counted as a workout. That reminds me, I need to do some Pilates or something after this episode of 24. You haven’t been hounding me like I asked.

We were dumb and forgot to bring water, so we didn’t make it to the end, but I will definitely be going back to this trail, especially since it’s just up the mountain from our house. It was more challenging than just a nature walk which makes it a bit more exciting. Come visit me. I live in a beautiful city.

Make Me

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So I guessed we haven’t talked in a while. I ended up working a ton last week, and then my day off on Monday seemed to somehow disappear before I knew what was happening. But today I’ve managed to do all the stuff I’d hoped to get done, and I’m trying to avoid leaving the house so I won’t be able to spend any money. I have some time. I should give it to you.

I cooked a vegetarian shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes.  I didn’t eat it because I hate vegetables, but Geoff and our guest said it was delicious. I was pretty proud. I also watched a gut-wrenching tear-jerker of a movie called A Better Life. If you like having your heart ripped out, watch this film right away. It was great, truly, just very emotional.

Nothing much exciting has happened. We could continue with this idle chatter, but really, I need to ask you a favor.

I know I’ve said this before, but I hate exercise. I’ve also not kept my vanity a secret. Unfortunately, I’m not vain enough to get over my complete and utter disdain for working out. My will power is pretty much non-existent when it comes to getting all sweaty and gross. But I live in a place where people wear bikinis on a daily basis. The only way I’m going to work out is if someone makes me.

I need some accountability. I won’t do something that I hate all by myself. You should totally yell at me and make me exercise on a daily basis. I’ll even come on here and tell you what I did and how much it sucked. Every time someone says exercise gets you high, I want to punch them in the face. I’ve got to figure out something that will make me get this over with. So, badger me, harass me, call me names. Whatever it takes to get me off my ass. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it in the long run.

Wasting Away

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Up until I turned 21, I danced probably six hours a day.  During my senior year in high school, I was on two dance teams, took and taught studio classes, and did two plays.  My body was moving in extraordinary ways on a pretty regular basis.  I was in excellent shape, even though I ate terrible food all the time.  I never had to think a second about my weight.

After my daughter was born, I was no longer able to keep up the pace. I danced a few hours each day while finishing my degree, but never again at the level that I was at before.  Then once I graduated, I mostly just taught dance and only performed occasionally.  When we left Oklahoma, my opportunities to dance nearly disappeared.  I taught some beginner classes to girls not remotely interested in dancing and did a couple of shows that were fun but didn’t really include any strenuous dancing.  I took Tae Kwon Do for a while and later ballroom dance.  I tried to stay active, but it wasn’t easy.

And then once I moved to Taiwan, the only exercise I managed was long walks through the city, and the occasional hike.  It’s hard to take dance lessons in a language you don’t understand.

The point of all this rambling is that I’m still really sore today from riding horses.  Sometimes I miss being sore.  I miss pushing my body to its limits.  I am seriously out of shape.  I get tired walking up a hill.  The problem is, I loathe exercise for exercise’s sake.  I can’t stand the idea of going to the gym, or jogging.  If exercise isn’t a natural part of something interesting and enjoyable, it’s just torture to me.  I have absolutely no interest.  I am not so fat as to bring on the desperation that would be required for me to get on a treadmill.  And you know I’m not going on a diet.

So what’s the conclusion?  I guess there isn’t one.  Sonny beat me up on Sunday.  I need to find something else that will beat me up.  Preferably something free or extremely low cost.  Any suggestions?