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Learning from the Experts

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There’s a lot of knowledge out there. I’d love to wrap my brain around it. Thank you universe and Steve Jobs for ipods. It keeps my brain busy while I type.

Joy the Baker is my current blog crush. I’m now listening to two of her podcasts. They don’t actually talk a lot about specifics of blogging, but what they do discuss sometimes is how they started out feeling timid and thinking it would never work. Maybe they have more money than me, but maybe I shouldn’t let that stop me.

It’s good for me. I need to know that other people are also insecure. It seems like everyone else in the universe has their stuff together and I’m the only woman in her mid-thirties who still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. Why couldn’t I have just become an accountant like normal people? Well, I guess I tried a normal career for a while. It didn’t work out so well. Now I’m nothing, but I want to be something. And I want to write about it.

I’ve seen several friends post on Facebook lately about being nervous about taking a risk and trying something new. My advice is always go for it. Some of the best things that have ever happened to me were the result of doing something terrifying.

See what taking risks can get you?

See what taking risks can get you?

If the definition of courage is being afraid but doing it anyway, I guess that’s me. I am becoming more and more determined by the day. I think I have a unique perspective to add to the blogosphere. The scared part of my brain thinks it might perhaps be too unique. What if nobody gets me? But then the crazy part says, “Who cares? Do it anyway.” So what if I have to learn a million things about photography and design. It’s only knowledge. I can figure it out.

I wish I had a mentor. I need a Jack Donaghy to tell me when I’m being ridiculous, answer all my questions, and hold my hand. Any takers? No? I guess I’m on my own.


Ms. Responsibility

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I’m pretty sure I’ve come off as a total idiot this week at my new job.  On the very first day, I locked myself out of the house before work, and then ended the day with a broken scooter.  And then yesterday, I went to work at 2:00, only to discover at 3:30 that I wasn’t supposed to be there until 5:00.  Did I go dyslexic when I was copying down my schedule?  I didn’t have the post-it that my manager had written it down on, so I don’t know if it was my mistake or hers, but either way, I still showed up at the wrong time.  What a terrible first impression.  I’m so dumb.

That means I’ll have a couple of extra hours today, though, which is good since I have to walk back to the stupid scooter shop to pick up my stupid broken piece of crap scooter.  Can you tell I’m irritated with that thing?  Seriously, why can’t stuff just work the way it’s supposed to.  Okay, fit over.

So, what else should we do with our time together this morning?  It was a huge struggle for me to wake up this morning.  My husband had already taken a shower, gotten dressed, and made himself breakfast before I even realized he was up.  I’m quite the zombie today.  I’m having trouble stringing words together, even now.  I dreamed of huge snakes striking the glass and screen doors of the house I was staying in.  Then I went to the grocery store, which turned out to be built on a huge sheet of ice.  I noticed a person sticking a spike through the ice from underneath with barely enough time to run to safety as the ice broke up and the groceries sunk into the freezing waters.  Then I met a man who tried to sell me organic produce whilst dancing a tango with me.  I had to take all of this back to the snake house to make chili mac.  Anybody know what that means?

I think my recent blog posts have indicated that my life is becoming even more boring than usual.  I didn’t think that was possible.  Why are you even still reading this?  Well, most people aren’t.  It’s probably a good idea.