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Becoming a Lady and Getting a License

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What if I’m a bit sleepy and don’t really feel like putting words together? What if I just want to let my mind go blank and watch Skyfall and wish for chocolate? What if I really do not want to go back to work tomorrow? Three day weekends can be such a tease.

But I have to tell you about the wonderful thing that happened this morning. I went out to do the laundry and noticed there was only one chicken hanging about under my feet. This was most unusual, as they always go everywhere together. I peeked down the side of the house and didn’t see the other one, so I told Geoff, and he went to investigate. Moments later he called me out saying, “You need to see this.” I knew the moment we’d been waiting for for months had finally arrived. We had our first egg.


It was small and adorable and speckled brown. I look forward to eating it. What’s better than farm fresh eggs? Well, backyard fresh, I suppose.

I also just applied for our marriage license online. We’ll have to present our ID to the marriage agent tomorrow, and hopefully be issued our license. I think the current plan is to just go in with our passports as ID and not mention the fact that we were married in another country unless they ask us, which they very well might since Geoff’s address is local. Hopefully they’ll let us legally get married here, so we don’t have to do the paperwork yet again in England.

I’ve made all the burgers and put them in the freezer. We went to the fabric store today and bought ribbon and netting to finish off the dress. Do I need a necklace? I probably have earrings that will do. Hmm… I can’t possibly keep track of all this. I need a dresser. The next thing I want to do before my father arrives Thursday night is to make four dozen cupcakes and put them in the freezer. Is there anything else I can check off the list? Getting married is so complicated.

Thanks for letting me babble endlessly. I guess this is what happens when I’m tired. Reinforcements will be here soon. And luckily, they’re the type you drink with. I’ll have a cocktail, please.


The Girls

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In October, we added two new members to our household. They arrived at two days old, and for Geoff, it was love at first sight. After much debate, we eventually named them Daenerys and Targaryan after the mother of dragons from Game of Thrones, Geoff’s current obsession. One look at their feet and you know these girls used to be dinosaurs. Can they set you on fire? Not yet.


They lived in the house for a few weeks in a plastic box in Emily’s room. It was a constant battle to keep the temperature right for growing chicks. Geoff loved to get them out and sit them on his lap where they proceeded to poop all over him. He also like to let them roam around the kitchen for a while each day so they could get exercise. And poop everywhere.


Eventually, they moved outside during the day in their fancy chicken coop that Geoff built with his very own hands. Ask him about it someday. It’s a funny story. Make sure you say “But however did you get it outside?” Trust me. They still came inside at night for a while so they wouldn’t freeze their little chicken tails off.


Finally they started living outside, but they were grounded to their coop for a while after sneaking under the neighbors’ house one afternoon.

Right now they’re living outside full time, roaming the garden by day and roosting in their coop by night. I’m hoping for eggs any day now. They’re simultaneously cute as can be and totally disgusting. Birds do not care where they poop. Not one bit. And they love to roll around in the dirt and take dust baths. But they’re so soft and lovable, I’ll let it slide. Also, once they start giving me yummy eggs, they’ll have pretty much free reign to do whatever they want.


Geoff is completely in love with his girls. He gives them hugs every morning and delights in giving them treats of mealworms and other¬†savory¬†delights I didn’t know chickens would eat.


We’re not technically allowed to have pets, so we went an unconventional route and didn’t ask permission. All the neighbors think our chickens are adorable, and I’m hoping to eventually be able to bribe them with excess eggs to keep them from snitching to the landlord. If you have even a small backyard, I highly recommend keeping a couple of chickens back there. They are completely lovable.