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Lords and Ladies

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I tried to get Geoff to write my blog post today.  He refused.  Useless lump.  He said he’d just write a string of expletives anyway.  He’s so unhelpful.  (Actually he’s doing the dishes right now)  I so have nothing remotely interesting to say.  I just wish this blog would magically write itself some days.  Or that I would stop being so ridiculously committed to something so completely arbitrary. This exercise is completely inconsequential.  I should just stop writing it.  And yet here I am, writing, complaining about it, but writing it just the same.  I’m insane.

The news was on as I was getting my nails done yesterday, five hours after I had intended, which didn’t help my bad mood from carrying over from the day before.  The big story of the night was the arrival of Lady Gaga in Taiwan.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it seemed like Lady Gaga was covered in a blanket and carried off the plane like a sack of potatoes.  She then later appeared wearing some sort of beehive type hat, posing and waving on the tarmac.  She is so weird.

Does anybody else think Lady Gaga and Lord Voldemort have a lot in common.  They both changed their names from something quite common to something ridiculous, fashioning themselves superior to all commoners.  They both make drastic changes to their appearance so that sometimes they look barely human.  They both try to gather hordes of followers who worship them and do whatever they say.  I’m not sure if Lady Gaga is working for the forces of good or evil, but she’s definitely creepy.

I shall attempt to not leave my house tomorrow when Lady Gaga is in town, or at the very least stay well away from Wenxin Park.  As for today, I shall attempt to make maple frosting and decorate cupcakes and mini cheesecakes and then sell them illegally at the Canada Day festival.  I think I’m turning into some sort of drug dealer.  Butter and sugar are, thankfully, still legal though.