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Bugs and Ponies

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What a full Sunday.  I’m sore pretty much everywhere this morning, particularly the muscles along my thoracic vertebrae.  I can’t remember the name of those muscles.  Sorry anatomy professor.  The point is, I hurt, but in a good way.  It was totally worth it.

We woke up at 7:00 am which was lucky because Emily called and we got to have a delightful Skype conversation with her.  She had all of her Halloween candy laid out on her floor, organized by type.  That’s my kid.  She’s awesome.

Marissa picked us up from in front of Cold Stone and we set off for Kaneohe to check out the car  Geoff found for us.  The outside looks great, and it runs fine, once I figured out how to put it in reverse.  It was pretty embarrassing.  The interior is a bit melted.  But it’s a perfectly acceptable vehicle for us poor folk.  Luckily, I got to put off the moment when I had to drive it any great distance.

Next stop:  Kuhuku Kai Ranch.  We got a touch lost along the way, but eventually made it down the dirt track through the golf course to the ranch.  There were horses everywhere, and they were gorgeous.  I hadn’t been on a horse since I was a kid.  I was a bit nervous that I would do something wrong, and it turns out that I was on a horse that was a bit of a brat.  I was also on a horse that had a bit of a twisty saddle.  The horses ran a couple times, which was both fun and scary, given my inexperience.  The second time my horse went tearing up a hill, my saddle began to tilt to the right, and I feel very lucky to not have fallen off.  My horse also apparently really loves the water.  He took me right out into the waves, and my feet were completely soaked.  But Sonny and I had a lovely time in the end.

After our ride, we were able to go and visit some of the babies.  We were allowed to go right in among them and love them up as much as we wanted.  Geoff also tried to catch us a chicken, but was unsuccessful.  Apparently he took a class in catching chickens and ducks.  I guess it didn’t work.

Eventually, the sun got the better of me and I was ready to get out of there and into a shower.  I’m willing to do outdoorsy stuff, but I really prefer to be clean whenever possible.  But before we could get home, I had to drive our new car back from Kaneohe.  I hadn’t driven a car in well over two years, and this journey included some busy freeway driving, and some tricky quick lane changes at our exit.  And all of this without a speedometer.  But I made it home and even managed to park in our tiny space without event.  It’s a good car.  The air conditioner doesn’t currently seem to be putting out cold air, but hopefully that’s an easy fix.  It will mostly be sitting in front of our house, but it’s there for us when we need it.

After showers, we met back up with our friends for dinner at the Side Street Inn.  Some of the food was nice.  The Kalua Sliders and the fried rice were excellent, but the rest didn’t really suit my taste.  We ordered boneless fried chicken and were disappointed to discover that it was made with dark meat, which I don’t care for.  C’est la vie.

The best thing I ate yesterday was the peanut butter swirl brownies I whipped up after dinner while our friends sat in our backyard enjoying a drink and gossiping about the zoo.  Brownies make everything better, and I’m always happiest when I’m baking.

It felt strange to have a day off.  I kept worrying that I was missing something.  Today I’m back at the store we do not name, and I’ll actually have to see the boss, which I’m not looking forward to.  I hope our conversations will be brief.  I really have no desire whatsoever to talk to her.  I have eight shifts left there.  I’ll just keep breathing and wait for it to be over.


Annoyed, Nervous, Excited

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Okay, let’s take those adjectives one at a time.  First off, my boss at a certain home decor shop which I don’t even want to say the name of right now gets under my skin like no one else has in a long time.  If she doesn’t think I’m doing my job properly, why doesn’t she just let me go now?  Do I not leave that store much cleaner than I found it every time I go in there?  Why does she always feel the need to bitch at me about cleaning?  In the book Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich, she describes working for a maid service.  She remarked that it seemed like the women whose houses she cleaned didn’t care as much about the how clean things were, but that they mostly just wanted to see someone on her hands and knees scrubbing.  I think I could do everything perfectly and my boss wouldn’t be happy unless she goes on her spy camera and sees me slaving away.  Does she text the other employees and tell them to dust everything and vacuum under all the furniture?  I seriously doubt it.  They hardly ever do any cleaning.  I’m constantly cleaning up after them and doing their dishes.  Grrr!!!  I’m thoroughly annoyed.  These next three weeks cannot end fast enough.

I’m nervous because tomorrow I may have to drive a car for the first time in two years.  If I could do it without anyone else in the car, it would be fine.  But Geoff will be there, watching me, laughing at every little mistake I make.  And to make matters worse, it’s a manual, not an automatic.  If I’ll kill it, I’ll die of embarrassment.  We’re getting a used 99 VW Beetle.  Hopefully.  Geoff’s made all the arrangements, but we haven’t actually been able to look at it yet.  We’re heading to Kaneohe tomorrow morning to check it out, and if everything is as the current owner says it is, we’ll be driving home a cute little blue bug.  I’ve always wanted one.  I shall do my best to drive it as little as possible though.  Only when we have to carry something big, like cheesecakes that need delivering, or for when Emily is here, or we need to get to the North Shore but don’t want to take three hours.

The excitement from the car is bleeding over into the excitement about going horseback riding tomorrow.  I haven’t been on a horse since I was a kid, probably at 5th grade camp.  This is yet another potential opportunity for people to laugh at me, but I won’t be the only inexperienced rider, so that takes a little bit of the pressure off.  It should be pretty awesome.  Geoff’s never been on a horse before, so I know he’s thrilled.  I wanted to get this for him for his birthday, but I just didn’t have the money at the time.  I’m glad our friend Lindsay was able to hook us up.  It shall be an adventure, indeed.  I hope I don’t forget my camera.