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Remaking the List

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Yesterday was a sort of exciting day for me.  It’s the little things, people.  The Golden Globe nominations were announced, which means I spent way too much time updating my list, watching movie trailers, and trying to figure out where and how I could see all of these movies while spending the least amount of money possible.  I like movies.  I get excited about them.  Deal with it.

I was in a sort of lethargic and grumpy mood most of the day, and beyond household chores, I didn’t really get much else accomplished.  I did make some chocolate mousse and buy some Christmas presents for the child, so it wasn’t all bad, but I wasn’t feeling my usual day off serenity.  So let’s not talk about me.  Let’s talk about movies.  They’re awesomer.

The first movie on my list is The Descendants starring George Clooney.  He just keeps getting better and better.  I prefer quirky Clooney to political Clooney.  I think he’s sort of normal Clooney in this movie set in Hawaii about a dad with a sick/dead (?) wife who is trying to keep his rich family together on a beautiful beach.  At the very least, there will be lots of lovely things to look at.  I’m going to try to catch a matinee before work today, actually.

Next up is The Help.  I’ve obtained a copy of this film through stealthy and secret means.  (cough cough)  I have a tiny crush on Emma Stone, and Bryce Dallas Howard is brilliant.  Neither of them is nominated though.  I think all the nominations went to the black actresses in the film, and I haven’t seen it, but they probably should.  It is their story, after all.  I’ve heard great things about this film.  I’m looking forward to finding some time to sneak off and watch it.

The third and final film I’ll discuss today is Hugo.  I was all excited to go and see this while Emily was here.  It looked like a lovely and whimsical adventure.  Right up our alley.  I was a bit disappointed when she told me she’d already seen it, and even worse, it was just okay.  Well, I’m going to go see it anyway.  I mean, Scorcese and a magical mystery involving an orphaned British child.  Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Watching potentially award-winning films is one of my favorite parts of winter.  I had seen everything up to 2005, and was currently working through some 04 TV shows when the new noms came out.  I’m excited for some fresh blood.  I love stories.  I’ll never get enough.


Just Skip It

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Wednesdays are lame, boring, pointless.  You get up and try to dry your clothes again for the fourth time.  You go to the grocery store and buy a few provisions.  You walk to the library and get some new books.  You’re extremely less productive than you should really be in the morning given the fact that you won’t be home again until almost 11:00 pm. You watch a bit of an old TV movie when you should probably be doing something important like Christmas shopping.  You go to work.  Do your job.  Come home.  Eat ice cream because you’re pouting that your computer is taking forever to restart and check some stupid disk or something. You read books.  You go to sleep.  What was the point of that?

So yeah, Wednesdays are lame and should perhaps be eradicated.  Who’s with me?  Oh wait.  Last Wednesday was awesome though.  Perhaps I just need to stop being so lethargic and get off my butt and do something with my mornings.  I’ve been feeling a bit like hibernating, though.  I sort of just want to curl up and avoid the world for a while.  Perhaps I’m a bit distressed at yet another impending birthday.  Don’t those things ever stop coming?  I mean, isn’t 32 birthdays enough?  Getting old sucks.

I need something to get excited about.  I’m excited for the holidays.  I’m more than thrilled to spend time with my baby.  But I need a project for myself.  Something that doesn’t cost a bunch of money that I don’t have.  Don’t even think about suggesting something that involves exercise or vegetables.  That just won’t fly.  Anybody want to take a dance class with me?  Book club?  Anything?

Hump day.  Let’s kill it.

Real Quick

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Real quick, I’m gonna throw something down before I start a long day of opening boxes and bags.  I actually look forward to going to Island Sole.  It gives me a chance to interact with people I really enjoy.  Also, on a day like today, I get to enjoy something challenging, solve puzzles, and make things work.  Unlike yesterday, which was mind-numbingly boring.

Because my boss had to unexpectedly go to the mainland, I had to cover her shift and then do mine which meant I worked from 10 to 5 at Magnolia.  For those of you working real jobs, a seven hour shift must seem like a luxury, but the boredom of this store is exhausting.  In seven hours, 24 customers came in and I made three sales.  I was the only one there, so no breaks either.

It was such a relief to finally come home.  My husband was camped out in the back bedroom spying on the finches he’d lured into our backyard.  There were probably 20 of them.  He was in heaven.

Even though I was exhausted, I still managed to make us an outstanding dinner.  Buffalo chicken enchiladas were supreme.  They’re definitely spicier than your average enchilada, and I’m sure nobody’s surprised that I went a bit overboard with the cheese.

My favorite part of the day is definitely lying in bed reading with my husband.  I’m so glad I got him to read another book, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  I’m also happy that now that he’s finished, I can read it again myself.  I stayed up way too late reading The Hunger Games.  You’d think the suspense would be less compelling the second time, but it still draws me in, and I can’t put it down.

There’s so much to do today.  I’ll tell you all about it later.  It will probably be boring.


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My husband left for work at 8 am.  I saw him for thirty minutes this afternoon when we went for coffee.  I don’t expect him home until after midnight.  Possibly well after if he decides to go out after work.  I’m not loving being alone all day.  I seem to recall that I occasionally looked forward to spending the evenings alone in my previous existence.  I don’t like it anymore.  I miss him.  I want him to come home so I can have someone to talk to.  He’s my favorite.  It’s no fun without him here to annoy me.

I did manage to get out of the house for a little while today.  I headed out to the mall on my day off for an interview for a second job.  This one is at a slipper store.  They have hundreds of styles of flip flops.  I didn’t know they made so many different flip flops.  The interview went well.  The manager, who is the wife of one of Geoff’s workmates, is going to recommend me to the owner, and I have to do another interview with her before I can be offered the position.  I think it’s mainly a formality, though.  Now I can afford groceries without too much stress.

I met with another success when I went into Whole Foods on my way out to see if they’d gotten any pumpkin in.  I scored myself a can of organic pumpkin, and as soon as the caramel dust settles, I can finally whip up those pumpkin scones I’ve been dreaming about.

I spent most of my evening reading, watching movies, and making cheesecake.  I also ate WAY too much burger and sweet potato fries.  Pretty sure I’m going to burst.  I really need to get this portion size thing under control.  I enjoy the experience, but I hate the way it makes me feel afterward.  I would be just as satisfied with half as much food.  Gonna get to work on that tomorrow.

Geoff keeps sending me texts about the party he’s working at and how great it is.  Boo.  I want to go to a fancy party with an open bar and dance.  But no, it’s just me and my cheesecake, and my bloated stomach.  Send my husband home.

Another Day in Paradise

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Being unemployed is so boring.  I really want to go to work.  I swear.  I feel guilty sitting around not making any money sending my resume out to people in this hot house.  It’s not my favorite thing.

I had a job interview today that started with a math quiz.  You should know that math is my least favorite subject.  It’s not that I was ever particularly terrible at it in school.  I just thought it was completely boring and pointless, and I wanted nothing to do with it whatsoever.  So much so that I took college algebra while still a junior in high school, and I haven’t taken a math class since.  Yet somehow at English department meetings, I’d always end up being the one who had to figure up statistics and such.  How did that happen?  And how did this post become a rant about math?  I’ve been doing a lot of it lately trying to figure up the logistics of a bakery business.  Again, not my favorite part.  Not nearly as fun as those pumpkin scones I hope to be baking soon.

So that job interview I went to…  Yeah, I thought I had a point.  It was at Great Harvest Bread for the position of bread kneader/baker or something like that.  It lasted all of ten minutes.  After acing my math test, I think, she asked me what I do in my free time, what my long term plans are, and what my dream job would be.  That was about it.  I had been racking my brain all morning to remember everything I could about gluten and yeast and steam.  I am not much of a bread baker.  I’ve just never had the space.  Plus it’s really something you have to learn from a human, and not one on TV.  I’d love to learn more though.  I hope I get this job.  Even if I do have to get up at 3 am.

I’ll close tonight with an important life lesson.  No matter how good it tastes, don’t eat the second awesomely delicious homemade taco.  It’s really enjoyable at the moment.  But guess what.  You weren’t actually hungry.  You were just eating it because it tasted good, and now you’ll be fat and have fewer leftovers.  Don’t be greedy.  Step away from the taco.  You’ll thank me later.

Friday? What?

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It’s hard to keep track of the days of the week when you don’t have a job.  Yesterday didn’t feel like Friday at all.  I do my best to be productive while Geoff is at work, and I’ve tried to spend a good portion of the last two days trying to find work, but it’s still not the same as actually going to a job.  I got some slightly hopeful news from Leonard’s Bakery.  Hoping for a call.  Fingers crossed.

Our Friday night was absolutely uneventful.  Geoff opened a checking account, we got some shave ice, then went to the hardware store to buy some stuff for a makeshift dresser.  All my clothes are off the floor.  Hooray!  We ate dinner and watched an episode of Deadwood, but it was only 9 pm, and i just couldn’t think of anything else to do.

We don’t have any friends here.  We don’t really have the money to go out.  Our social life is extremely limited.  The only other person I know on this island is Geoff.  I started reading and fell asleep by 10.  How lame.  I seriously need to get a life.

I’m looking forward to the three day weekend with my husband.  Hopefully we’ll get some exploring done and take some photos to show you.  But it’ll be just the two of us.  Want to come visit?

Down in a Hole

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I meant to write my post last night.  Really, I did.  I had my laptop right next to me and everything.  But I had a bit of an upset stomach, so I laid down on the bed, and before I knew it, I had fallen into one of those sickly sleeps.  You know the kind, when you feel like you’re at the bottom of  a deep dark hole.  You can hear what’s going on around you even, but you can’t do anything about it.  People ask you a question and all you can do is sort of grunt and maybe wave your hand.  I attribute this condition to too much sugar and too much heat.  Too much easy access to food and plenty of excuses to eat whatever I want isn’t having a positive effect on me.

Truthfully though, yesterday was a pretty boring day anyway.  It mostly consisted of cleaning up the house and waiting around for my dad.  He made a breakfast of pancakes and bacon from my meager kitchen stores.  We only had to rush out to the store for syrup, so it could have been worse.

After breakfast, we waited around some more and then eventually ended up at Waikiki beach for a bit of body surfing.  Well, I mostly just floated around in the ocean on the boogie board.  We were in the exact same spot and under the exact same conditions in which I got my horrible sunburn last year, so I didn’t stay out too long.  The late afternoon sun can be brutal to your skin.

Emily and I walked over to the Hokulani Bakeshop to try some of their expensive gourmet cupcakes because, you know, we had to check out the competition.  The cupcakes were standard size with really more of a dollop of frosting than the usual mound that you see at most places.  They were simply decorated, but still very pretty.  Emily had a vanilla/vanilla, and I had a lilikoi (passion fruit) cupcake with lemon butter cream.  They both had good flavor and were very moist.  But it didn’t crush my spirits.  I am completely confident that I could make something as good or better.

I also did a bit of figuring and research about the cost of the cupcakes that I made the other day and the prices other bakeries are charging.  Wow, the mark up on cupcakes is ridiculous.  I’m going to be able to offer cupcakes on my website for much less than fancy bakeries are currently selling them for.  Though I suppose I should probably get myself a legitimate business first.

Emily and I made hello dolly bars last night.  She loves them and insists I will like them, too, even though I don’t like coconut or pecans.  We’ll see.  But it made her happy, so we made them.  And making her happy is what matters.