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Escaping the Heat

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Every day we have to devise some way to get out of the hot house. Thursday was no exception. By the time Emily gets out of bed, it’s usually 85 degrees, and I’m begging for the breeze to find its way into the house. My lack of proper clothing in my living room is scandalous. No amount of iced tea can quite compensate for the lack of air conditioning.

On this particular day, we escaped to the mall so Emily could buy a new swimsuit. I actually got her to go into the bookstore this time, and once I got her in there, it was impossible to get her to leave. This is my favorite problem. If I have to be stuck somewhere, I want it to be in a bookstore. It would have been nice to have an iced chai to keep me awake. Ooh, and maybe one of those beautiful key lime tarts. And a pizza stuffed pretzel. I sort of love the Barnes & Noble cafe.

I can’t even remember, at this point, what we did for the rest of the day. I think there was some reading of Harry Potter involved. We’re just trying to stay cool and have fun and live life and love the world.

Perhaps one day I’ll get my act together and finally get caught up on this blog. I promise, one more post today. So close. I’m such a ridiculous slacker.


Minor Disaster

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For several hours today, Awesome on 20 was blocked on Facebook. I approved a comment that didn’t get caught in my spam filter. I think that might have been the culprit. Luckily, I just checked the links again, and they seem to be working. If you’re a fan on Facebook, please let me know if you have any issues with any of the links. I promise, I’m not spam. I felt slightly panicked all day, which is odd since I don’t actually get much traffic to the site anyway. Although I just checked the old site, and it got 27 views yesterday. The SEO over there is apparently really good. Alas, the new site hasn’t had a chance to catch up after only two weeks. Patience is not my strongest trait.


We tried to escape our hot house today by going down to the park to read/take a nap. It was better than being inside, but still hot. I really need to get out of the quagmire that is A Storm of Swords. This book is boring me to tears.

The sink in the backyard is blocked, so we have to call a plumber because nothing we’ve tried has worked. Being an adult is hard. Why can’t I do magic? I guess being a muggle is hard, too.

Also, random state holidays are awesome. Going back to work is lame. Life of leisure, please.

Washing Powder, Soap, Shampoo

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I asked my husband what I should title my blog post tonight. First he sighed a lot and said I don’t know like he’s the one that has to come up with a stupid title every day. Then I said he could pick anything, so he said something wildly inappropriate. I asked for something rated PG, so he said something still mildly inappropriate. I told him it had to be not dirty and that’s how we ended up where we are. In case you were wondering, washing powder is laundry soap.

Geoff wrote today’s Awesome on 20 post, so of course it did well. The world just loves him more. I got a view in Bahrain. What? I’m also popular in Turkey. 

I’m bored and lazy today. Geoff has soft hair. I think I’m getting typer’s elbow. Is that a thing? Probably not, but it kinda hurts anyway.

A lot of life is just waiting around to go to bed. My books are in there. Every night when I’m about to fall asleep, I wish that I could just wake up the next morning and keep reading and not go anywhere. I never do, but I always want to.

There’s really nothing to share. I wish I had some French silk pie. Can you make that happen? Thanks.

A Strange Place

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My mind goes in odd directions indeed. I was listening to a show about the legal implications for the Boston bombing perpetrator. One of the lawyers argued that he shouldn’t get the death penalty because it would make him a martyr. Instead he should live out his days in some obscure prison and be forgotten.

And what did this remind me of? Dumbledore. That’s right, Dumbledore. I thought of Grindelwald living alone for sixty years in a tower cell in Nurmengard. I thought of how Dumbledore always says there are things far worse than death. Then I finally connected that with what must have been going through his mind knowing that someone he once loved very deeply was alone and in prison. There must have been some spark of goodness in Grindelwald, and yet it seems no one ever tried to rehabilitate him. Grindelwald showed remorse at the end of his life, but he died completely alone. Dumbledore, being a very sensitive man, must surely have experienced some pain and conflicting emotions over this. What does this have to do with Boston? Essentially nothing. And yet, I pondered it for a good ten minutes on my drive home.

I also got 100% soaking wet on my way home. I walked in the door and got in the shower. This was perhaps the wrong move, as I could not stop yawning from that point on and basically wanted to go to bed at 6 pm. I made it until about 9:30 then could barely keep my eyes open to read ten pages of my book. I woke up at 5:30 for the third day in a row. It’s a disturbing pattern.

Here’s to an amazing weekend. Mine’s going to start with making cheesecake. Want some?

You Win or You Die

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I think ol’ husband face may be suffering from withdrawals since he finished reading A Dance with Dragons a few weeks ago. He’s decided that we need to rewatch the TV series, so the past few night have been filled with Starks, Baratheons,Lannisters and Targaryens.

And swords. Plenty of swords.


I finally finished reading A Clash of Kings. I swear, that book went on forever. I’ve finally made it to new material. I’m hoping it will become exceedingly interesting, as I’ve been promised. Tomorrow is another library day. My husband may ask for my head on a spike.

Speaking of heads on spikes, I’ll take Theon Greyjoy’s head on a spike. But first, I’d have Shagga cut off his cock and feed it to the goats while he watched. A fouler man I’ve rarely read about. Really, he’s despicable.

The Hound, on the other hand, is most intriguing. He’s one of the few characters with real layers. Real fears, real desires. I wonder if he has a bit of a crush on Sansa Stark. As frightening as he might be, he’s never been cruel to her.

Cersei Lannister is rather skilled at tearing up papers.

I hope Lord Commander Mormont of the Night’s Watch dies peacefully in his bed at an extremely old age. I quite like him.

They’re not the best books I’ve ever read. Mr. Martin is a bit overindulgent at times. I love detail, but sometimes I’d just like to get on with it. I don’t need to know the name of every knight and every ship in a battle. I am entertained, and sometimes that’s enough. There’s no good guy, and that makes it interesting. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a medieval soap opera, but the drama is what keeps me going. And I definitely can’t wait for the show to start again in March.

A Predictable Answer

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Pretty much every day I ask my husband, “What should I write about today?”

He almost always replies with, “How awesome you are.”

He’s about to marry me a second time, so, no doubt, he believes it to be true. I have no idea what he’s talking about, and since I’m the one doing the actual writing, I’m always stuck coming up with a different topic. Sometimes husbands can be so unhelpful.

You know what is awesome? The universe. Bill Bryson told me that if stars were frozen peas, there’d be enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall. That is awesome.


What else is awesome? Spending every day with someone so smart that when I endlessly quote astonishing facts from A Short History of Nearly Everything, he already knows just about everything cool I’m trying to tell him. He is super smart, most of the time. Even if he doesn’t know the difference between a fajita and a burrito, he still knows a hell of a lot about physics, a topic on which I am woefully ignorant.

It’s also pretty awesome when he gets excited about me reading a book. It’s incomprehensible to me how he can go through most of his life without having a book to read. He might as well try to live without oxygen. It’s impossible. And yet, somehow, night after night, he goes to bed without reading a single word. I don’t get it. Since he read the Song of Ice and Fire series, however, he has become extremely impatient with me. Every time I go to the library to pick up a book, he gets irritated. I’m nearly finished with A Clash of Kings, so I’m on the verge of new material. I’m sure he’ll be satisfied by my much more demonstrative reading style when he hears me gasping with surprise in the middle of the night.


There definitely is some awesome in this house. It’s sitting to the left of me right now.

Sometimes I Hate Being Right

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As I predicted, I’ve been wasting WAY too much time in the last few days playing Sims. Why is it so hopelessly addicting? I can’t seem to drag myself away even when it’s not that interesting. I suck at life.

I’ve been reading a couple of vampire books lately. First it was Dracula and now Interview with a Vampire. They’re both good. Go ahead and read them. On your nook if you’re as cool as me.

All this literature has been causing me to contemplate the pros and cons of immortality. Just think of all you could accomplish if you lived forever. You really could see every award-winning movie, read every decent book ever published, play Sims for as long as you want without feeling guilty. But would having to drink blood be a fair price for the privilege of infinite reading time?

I also wanted to know if vampires have to get haircuts. They’re not technically alive. They don’t age. Different novels have different rules about whether or not they even breathe or have heartbeats. Apparently Edward Cullen doesn’t have a beating heart, hence no blood flow, yet somehow he can still get an erection to have unfathomably amazing vampire sex. Oh, and semen to make half-vampire babies. Seems inconsistent, but whatever.

But I can’t recall any author ever addressing whether or not their hair grows. Does that mean they have to have the same hairstyle for all of eternity? That seems boring.

These are the thoughts that come out of my head. You know your thoughts are just as weird. Don’t lie.