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Movie Day

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Tuesday I woke up and made loco moco for one, took it’s picture, and fed it to my daughter, all before 11 am. It has an egg in it. It can be breakfast, right? Emily wanted me to make loco moco for the blog. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t even realize she knew what it was, never mind actually craving it. She seemed to really enjoy it, so I guess that’s all that matters.


After that, we picked Geoff up from work and headed to Dole Cannery for $6 movie day. We brought our own delicious snacks and watched Despicable Me 2, which was just as cute and fun and hilarious as the first one. Next week, we’re going to see Pacific Rim, and I can’t wait. Giant sea monsters and giant robots AND Idris Elba!!! What could go wrong?

It’s been fun having Emily help me with the blog. I still haven’t convinced her to write a post for me. She says she doesn’t know anything about food writing. Neither do I. I just do it anyway. Maybe that’s why my blog does so poorly. Maybe I should actually be good at something instead of just blabbing the things in my head. A little eloquence perhaps?

Perhaps I’ll just continue to be a disaster. How about that? Sounds like more fun anyway.



Monotony and Surprises

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My job can be pretty boring sometimes. Like, claw your eyes out boring. I suppose it’s better than “ruining” children’s lives, but mindless, droning work isn’t exactly rewarding. I try to keep my mind busy with podcasts, and I probably check my phone way more than is actually necessary. I’m the kind of person who usually feels the need to do about eight things at once, so being bored is rather frightening. That combined with having to sit still for the entire day can be brutal. It’s getting to the point where my coworkers actually feel sorry for me when giving me new boring tasks to accomplish.

My evening ended up being rather hectic, though, as a coworker put in a last minute Treatsies order. I found myself having to stop into Costco on my way home from work, and then make a double batch of white chocolate raspberry blondies. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to photograph them, so they won’t even be appearing on the blog. I’ve had people tell me it’s one of their favorite desserts, so I hope I can share them with you.

I also had to prepare a post for Awesome on 20 about working out without paying for it. I seriously don’t get why people buy gym memberships. There are plenty of stairs you can walk up and down for free. Why go to a yoga class and have people sweating all over you when you can do it in your own living room? And for goodness sake, what the hell is up with running on a treadmill. Running isn’t boring enough? You have to do it without actually going anywhere or seeing anything? Baffling.

Someday I will get caught up. Someday my skin will stop burning and my head will stop pounding and my stomach will stop turning. Someday. But not this day.

Late Night Stroll

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Geoff worked yesterday, and I made passion fruit curd, then put it on a cake. Then it oozed too much and I’m afraid to look at the photos because I was in such a hurry, I barely noticed what I was shooting. I’m so not good at this. That’s probably why I’m still getting fewer than 20 views a day over on Awesome on 20. I guess it’s just not good. Well, that’s okay. Maybe I’ll learn to quit someday.

The grill of doom had us waiting until nearly 8:00 pm to set off on a three mile walk to dinner. We went to Buca di Beppo and ate fried mozzarella and stuffed shells, and it was awesome! But we were already so tired from the walk there that the walk home was fairly miserable. My hamstrings and shoulders are extremely sore this morning. I’m not sure what it’s from, but I’d like the pain to stop, pretty please.

But I wouldn’t walk six miles with just anyone. We spent our stroll through Waikiki trying to find women with clear shoes. You know only one kind of woman wears those. If somebody can tell me why, I’d be very interested to know. It seems an odd phenomenon to me.

Hopefully we won’t waste our entire day waiting on Craigslist lurkers again. I do have a cake that needs to be eaten. Any takers? Seriously, come to my house and eat cake.


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First off, I completed the monumental task of watching eight and a half years of Cheers, and just in time. Season 9 took a real dive. I was ready to cross that off my list. As far as style is concerned, Lilith wins my vote for favorite character on that show. At least once per episode I could be heard to exclaim “Holy crap, what’s he/she wearing?” Today Lilith was wearing a dress I would actually like to own. Also, you can tell she’s a dancer. That woman has some great legs. Woody wins the most endearing character award. By far.

bacon cupcakes

I made some chocolate cupcakes with bacon cream cheese frosting. They were quite awesome. I’ll be sharing the recipe Friday morning over on the other blog. I’m taking the rest into work tomorrow to try to avoid eating them all myself. It’s the hardest part of my job as a baker/blogger.

I’m thinking of cleaning up Emily’s room and rigging up a bit of a faux photo booth on the bed. It has the best light of any room in the house. I should be able to plop some food down on the bed and make it look awesome-ish. I can’t wait for our new lens to arrive. I have no idea what it does, but I like new toys.

I also want to start thinking about submitting links to sites like Tastespotting. I don’t think my photos are quite good enough yet, but I need to promote my blog somehow. I can’t just keep relying on friends and family. I feel bad for you guys.

I also have some design ideas in the works. I’m trying to figure out the best hosting situation. I don’t want to spend a ton of money. I love using wordpress, but I don’t know if I want to pay $100 to have it on my website. Blogger always looks so blocky and childish, though. Ugh. Too much thinking out loud is happening right now.

Why don’t I know about computer stuff? Why? When are they going to invent a super high speed knowledge brain implant. I need it now!

Popularity Contest

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We all know it’s true. My husband is much more popular than I am. He has more friends in real life, but he also beats me in all those measurable internety sort of ways, too. He got almost 50 likes for his new Facebook page in one day. I still hadn’t reached 30 after two weeks. His blog post was published about the chickens. We had over 50 views that day. Our highest so far. He’s had one of his blog posts on his personal blog get over 200 views. He wins. He’s better than me in every possible way.

But I was the one who got a mention and a follow on twitter from Joy the Baker, only one of the coolest food bloggers around. I was aghast. I could hardly believe she’d take time out of her busy life to mention me and give me encouragement. How sweet is this woman?

I remember when I finally got a follow for Treatsies bakery from Bakingdom. She and I are secretly best friends in an alternate universe. She just doesn’t know it.

I’m a complete introvert. There aren’t many people that I feel like I could connect with. The beautiful thing about blogging is its immediacy. My favorite bloggers are the ones who make you feel like you’re their friend. That you just hang out in their kitchen and share things. I hope that I can find my voice and make someone feel that way with my blog.

One of the things I’ve learned from listening to the early days of the Joy the Baker podcast is that these feelings of insecurity and impostor syndrome are probably sort of normal. I suspected they might be, but it’s good to hear from a successful blogger that she sometimes feels insecure.

Let’s all sing a cheesy song about making your dreams come true. Look out, world! This dog walker/web designer baker/blogger power couple is about to takeover the world. Or be homeless. One of the two.

Helping Out

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I came home from work an hour early today, changed my clothes, fixed my hair, and packed up and headed back out the door. We spent our evening in Ala Moana Park watching some decent performances of some unusual skills. There was aerial silks, acrobatics, parkour, belly dancing, fire dancing and juggling, and my favorite, a Chinese dragon dance. That tiny dragon was super cute. I think the event raised quite a nice chunk of money for Lolo and his friends. We were able to donate $100 from our cupcake sales. It could have been more if people hadn’t come up at the end thinking they could just take things for free. I didn’t make them for your party in your head miss browser. I made them to raise money. I find it hard to trust people with hair extensions. But I digress.


It was a bit of a hardship giving away that money. I sure could use a hundred bucks right now. But maybe it will get me some good karma. Those animals need help more than I do. After all, it’s my species that’s trying to kill off the mothers and sell the babies for a profit. It was the right thing to do.

If only I could sell a hundred dollars worth of baked goods every day. That’s $2000 a month. Why do we have to have so many stupid health and safety laws? Salmonella can’t be that bad, can it?

Some day money will rain down on my head like in The Sims, then I’ll open my own bakery, and all will be well with the world.

Busy Busy

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While it would be a lie to say that I haven’t sat down since I got home from work, it hasn’t been for more than 30 minutes at a time. Mostly it’s in 10 minute intervals. My feet are tired. I’ve been making these, these, and these mint chocolate cupcakes.┬áIt’s all to help out Lolo. If you’re on my island, come check out the fundraiser in Ala Moana park tomorrow, and try a treat.


Yesterday I also did this. And I made my supervisor cry when I talked about my pathological lack of confidence. Oops. It must be hormones. I’m not that talented. I swear. I’m not missing out on anything. Everybody take a breath.

I should say a lot more if I’m to follow the rules I’ve set up for myself, but there are still a bunch of cookies to bake and the timer on my oven should be going off any moment now. Hopefully I’ll still be here tomorrow. Maybe there will be something to say then.