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Sunday we prepped our picnic. Or rather, I prepped our picnic. I made and photographed brownie butterscotch pudding parfaits. Oh, and then I wrote a post for them. I also made some seasoned butter to use on our grilled corn. Might as well just combine all the things you want to put on your sweet summer corn into one container when you’re going on a picnic. Or even if you’re just eating in your own house. So much easier. I also made up spicy southwest burger patties. We don’t fool around when it comes to feeding our friends.

The heat was growing, and at 5 pm, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of the house. We packed up what we thought was everything and headed out.


So we found a table in the crowded park, unpacked, and began to cook. It was halfway through the first batch of burgers that the fire went out. Apparently, we were out of fuel. So off to Safeway I ran to save the day. When we finally had those burgers cooked, only then did we realize the burger buns didn’t make it into the bag.

So maybe it wasn’t a perfect picnic, but it was still a pretty tasty dinner, and it got us out of the hot house. Sometimes, the small triumphs are what you need to focus on. Good food, good friends, big laughs, and deep breaths.


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