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Sleeping Late

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Apparently, once they get over their jet lag, almost teenagers sleep until 11 on a regular basis. Old mom types get up by 7 because what else is there to do? Old mom types make a sticky mess of the kitchen trying to make lilikoi syrup and take photos of big pitchers of lilikoi green tea. Almost teenagers win at Uno and want you to throw stuffed animals at them. Then they beg you to play chess, but you’d rather have a root canal so you talk your young husband into doing it instead.

You have a juice for lunch and a salad for dinner because yesterday you ate too much ice cream and Taco Bell and you feel a little gross. But then you ruin it by having a Magnum bar. Except having a Magnum bar actually makes everything better.

Your husband writes a big fat check to immigration, and you wish there was no such thing as borders because the whole thing is stupid really. It’s just the Earth and why shouldn’t you be able to live on whatever part of it you like as long as you contribute? Seriously, why all the closed doors, world?

You watch your stats hit about average, which is a let down from the astonishing numbers from the day before. I mean, you made everyone a milkshake. How can they not love you?

But you’re generally happy about your life because everybody is where they should be and healthy and loving each other. It’s pretty awesome.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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