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Hiking with Teens

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Okay, it’s really only one teen, and really she’s not officially a teenager for another month. Stop making me older than I really am. Seriously, it’s not fair. It’s bad enough that all my former students are now entering their mid 20’s.


We took Emily for a hike to see Manoa Falls. It’s a simple enough walk as long as it’s not too wet. She didn’t complain and took about a million photos, but when we got to the falls and I asked her if she wanted to go on to the next trail or go back down, her answer to return to the car came very quickly. I think she liked it.


After that, we went to lunch at Kiss My Grits, and I drank my weight in sweet tea. My child loves biscuits and gravy, so she was a happy camper. I had the Piggly Wiggly, a giant biscuit with sausage made at the restaurant, smoked gouda, scrambled egg, and apple butter. It was a brilliant combination of sweet, savoury, and spicy. The apple butter was a wonderful surprise. I think this place might be my new favorite. There’s still more stuff I want to try on their menu.

Lunch was followed by a biscuit coma, and an evening of pizza. We’re trying our best to have fun without spending too much money. There are still so many things we have to pay for that are not remotely fun. Maybe, just maybe we can get out of this hole before the end of the year.

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the stats for Awesome on 20 the past week. It’s making me sad. Go read about the food I cook and the things I do while being poor. And click on an ad. Because you love me.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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