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Less Than Manic Monday

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The subject for the photo-a-day I attempt to participate in was Manic Monday. Of course, I loved the Bangles song, but my Monday was anything but manic for once. I felt light headed and had a headache most of the day, which I am almost certain was due to dehydration from my unpleasant illness. Let’s not go into detail.


I cleaned up the house, and we got everything ready for Emily’s arrival. Geoff drew her a marauder’s map and hid surprises for her all around the house. He’s so creative and clever. And he’d do just about anything for Emily. In fact, I suspect he’ll be playing some softball this month, even though he’d rather be playing cricket.

I was already getting sad about knowing that I would have to send Emily home before she even got here. I really need to learn to apparate and quickly. I mean, seriously, this airport stuff is for muggles.

I really hope my body gets itself together. I don’t want have to spend all our time within 20 yards of a bathroom.

In a few hours, I’m going to see my baby. It’s going to be nonstop awesome. I hope she doesn’t get bored hanging out with old people for a month. We’re cool, right?



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