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“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” That’s a thing that people say, right? I love it when “they” are wrong. I mean, I realize it’s not supposed to be literal, but today, I had a pretty amazing free lunch. And when you’re as strapped as we are, to get food that’s not only free, but tastes great, makes the day a win for sure.

There was a big catered lunch meeting with board members and other important people. After it was all over, the staff got to take a stab at the leftovers. My supervisor even managed to snag me a lemon bar that was one of the take home favors. They know how crazy I am about desserts. That’s one of the things I love about the people I work with. They’re all really into food, and they love finding great treats and snacks. Even better, they love sharing them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself eating two cookies at once because somebody insisted that I just had to try both flavors.

One of my co-workers even went to culinary school. I’m usually in the middle of excitedly rambling on and on about a baking project or what I made for dinner when I realize that she’s listening and knows I’m full of crap. She’s completely tactful and never says anything. I couldn’t ask for sweeter co-workers.

But I only have two days left there.

I very much hope that I get asked back the next time they need a temp. And I hope that I’m available. Gillian Welch once sang, “Never minded workin’ hard, it’s who I’m workin’ for.” The work I do there may not be the most exciting or challenging, but the people I work with and the people they serve are totally worth it.


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