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How to Be a Stalker

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Okay, let me start out by saying that thus far, my attempts at being a stalker have been completely unfruitful. Don’t worry.

I spent most of Saturday cooking. I made breakfast pizza for Awesome on 20, then made failed but totally delicious mini cinnamon rolls, and finally some chipotle dip for LV to take to a party. We walked into Waikiki so Geoff could buy some new swimming shorts. It was a generally uneventful day, as far as I can remember.

Then I saw an instagram photo from one of my favorite bloggers, Tracy of Shutterbean. It basically hinted that she was in Hawaii. I tried to leave a comment to get her to say what island she was on, but so far she’s been very good at keeping her location a secret. I may have completely freaked out when she actually commented back asking what island I was on. I’m such a creepy fan girl, which is why I will never ever be cool. Even if I did manage to track down Tracy, she’d probably just call security on the weird giant blond girl who was all tongue tied and couldn’t put together an intelligent sentence because she couldn’t believe she was in the same room as a famous and amazing blogger.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what would have happened.

If I could be even a fraction as awesome as Tracy, I’d be pretty happy with myself.


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