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Sunday was a mixed bag. I nearly forgot to record it’s existence.

We started off with a win by actually managing to sleep in for once. When we finally woke up, it was after 9 am. It’s like I don’t even know us anymore.

Geoff suffered a defeat in the battle against the grill of doom and was consequently rather forlorn for most of the day. I had to drag him out of the house to keep him from continually enumerating all of the things we have to be stressed out about. He certainly has a right to feel stressed out. It can be bleak around here. But there’s no sense in wasting our only day off together moping. I happen to know from experience that getting through a moment of depression isn’t easy, but you can be distracted from it long enough to smile every now and then.

We walked into Waikiki where I finally bought myself a second swimsuit, then we enjoyed happy hour at the Hula Grill. We shared pork belly bao and fish and chips, both of which were excellent, especially since I was so hungry.

We also escaped the heat by jumping in the ocean in front of the Kahala Mandarin. We saw three weddings.

The season 3 finale of Game of Thrones was thoroughly underwhelming. There was a certain death I was hoping to see, so I guess I just expected too much. They seem to like putting all the action in the second to last episode. I can’t believe it’s so long until the next season. I hope the 4th season is better than the 4th book.

I have a surprise day off tomorrow, so I guess I can tell you how miserable my Monday was in the morning. Or maybe I’ll think of something better by then.


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