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I owe you a post.

About two minutes before it was time to leave work yesterday, the big boss came in and said it was pouring down rain and the roads were flooding so everybody should leave now. Of course, this meant I was going to be completely soaked by the time I got home. Everyone tried to offer me a ride. All the fretting was sweet, but a little bit stressful. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was warm and the rain was soft most of the way. Traffic was backed up so nobody was going that fast. I had lovely music in my ear. I was fine until I got home and found my driveway blocked.

That’s when the irritation that I had been trying to suppress all spilled over. The stupid architect on our alley decided to repave his part of the road, which means that all the people who actually live here and need to park in the area at night are supposed to not drive their cars to their own houses. Everybody just pulled down the caution tape and moved the cones and drove down their stupid road anyway. My neighbors don’t have a lot of patience. Neither do I when I’m soaking wet.

LV came over and we had a brilliant five minute French feast. I made salad from a bag and some ridiculously delicious brie that we slathered onto a baguette.  Lindsey brought white wine, and French vanilla ice cream, to keep with the theme. It took almost no effort and was extremely delicious. I had just enough wine, and I’m glad, in the end, that we didn’t have another bottle because I likely would have woken up with a headache.

I love it when LV comes to hang out. There’s extra laughing. I love laughing.


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