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Weekends Are for Lovers

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I forgot about you again. I’m so sorry. I can’t seem to get my act together on the weekends anymore. Yesterday I made pasta salad, watched an 80’s Italian film, took a glorious nap, and tried a new tacky restaurant in Waikiki. We also ate some froyo while watching the unusually big waves on the South Shore. It was a lovely day with my love.


We’ve decided to drastically move up the launch of our self-hosted domain. I’m hoping for a Memorial Day launch. Everything’s almost ready. It just needs a few final touches, an import, and a final approval. Then we can start really promoting this gig and trying to make it legit. Will it work? Probably not. Do I care? Only a little.

We’ve been coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas for when Awesome on 20 achieves world domination. It’s good to have big dreams.

We’re picnicking in the park today. I have a feeling nobody will show up. But I’ll be there, and Geoff will be there, and there are plenty of homeless people who live in that park who’d love to eat our leftover food. I’m secretly hoping one of our friends will show up with his fancy camera and some char siu bao. Fingers crossed.

I like Saturdays. Why can’t all days be Saturdays?



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