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Friday Night and Saturday Morning

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We were quite boring last night. We tried a new burger place that was just okay and wandered around Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods, then past the movie theatre. I got to look at all the things that I love without actually buying anything. Maybe I should write a post for Awesome on 20 about how to treat the mall like a museum so that you can enjoy it without spending any money.

I’m about to go to the park and dance in public because I’m too cheap to spend money on dance class, and I hate “exercising”, so there aren’t a lot of options. I’m weird. Yes, I know. This is not news to me, and shouldn’t be to you either. People will see me. Who cares? They won’t ever see me again. I just pretend like they’re not there. Still, it could be a disaster.

Everybody on my Twitter feed (about ten people, actually) was in Orlando for a food blog conference. All day they were posting photos of themselves hanging out and eating treats and being mom jeans bloggery. I don’t think they’d let me sit at their table in the cafeteria. I think you have to have straight teeth and blown out hair to hang out with them. No tattooos and modest conservative clothes. And children or a dog. And probably a big fat wedding ring. If I ever get to go to one of these things,  no one would ever talk to me.

I bet none of them ever dance in the park.


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