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We just made the most fantastic decision to rewatch all the previous seasons of Arrested Development in preparation for the release of the new episodes which I’m really hoping match the awesomeness of what’s already been produced. This show makes me laugh pretty much nonstop. There’s no such thing as too much laughing.

I only have three weeks left with my hair. I feel like I should do something exciting with it before it’s all gone. I don’t know what, but I feel like I should appreciate it while it’s there. Is that weird? It totally is.

I yawned at least 47,000 times today. I wonder if anybody ever actually counts how much they yawn. I’m sure someone has. Not me.

I did make one other slightly good decision today. Next week is grill out week on Awesome on 20! We’re planning to grill at the beach on Sunday anyway, so I might as well feature the recipes I love to take on a picnic. Hopefully we’ll manage a few good photos at the park. And entertaining at a gorgeous public park is much better than trying to fit people into your tiny poor person house. It’s the Awesome on 20 way.

I am also about to make a decision to got to bed really early. I’m lame. That is all.


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