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I rushed home today and immediately went to the store. I had to get my photos done before the light was gone. I’m so serious these days. It’s like I’m actually trying or something.

I needed to write a post for Awesome on 20 tomorrow, and since Geoff had just posted about our herb garden, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. But you can’t just photograph an herb sauce by itself, no matter how gorgeously green it is. So I skipped off to the grocery store and picked up a sour dough baguette, some salami, and some fresh mozzarella. I have to say, once I drizzled that green sauce on that white cheese, I thought I might just be starting to get the hang of things.

awesome sauce full

Unbeknownst to me, Geoff was rigging up a set of sorts for photos. I was in the kitchen making sauce, and when I went into the bedroom to set up, he had pushed the bed into a corner, nailed a curtain to the wall (we don’t have any decor in our house because we’re not supposed to put holes in the wall, and yet he decided to nail the curtain. He’s crazy sometimes) and moved one of our side tables in front of the curtain. It’s a brilliant idea. It needs a bit of adjusting, but I so appreciated the thoughtfulness and the initiative. Wow, who is this man? He wants to be married to me? He deserves so much better.

I still need to learn about how to work with the light. So far, all the instruction I’ve tried to obtain has been fairly vague or over my head. I wish I could take a class so I could ask a hundred questions. I’m so dumb when it comes to photography.

Also, I really need a DSLR. That’s all there is to it.

When I started writing, I was sighing about having nothing to say, and yet I’ve just spilled out 300 words. Wow, sorry about that. I guess I have more on my mind than I thought. If you are a photography guru, please give me tips. I really want to learn.

Also, holy monkey I love blogging. I’m having a great time. Even when I seem stressed. Why did I talk myself out of it for so long? I guess I just wasn’t ready. Look out. The time has come.


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