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It seems like I’ve accomplished practically nothing since getting home from work today. Except that I got to catch up with a very dear friend, which is actually about all there is to life. I mean, work is great, especially when it allows you to be creative and follow your passions, but connecting to other actual humans is sort of the whole point. I have so few friends, I really mustn’t neglect them.

Geoff practiced his cocktails tonight after filling out some tedious paperwork. I won’t say what it was about just yet, but we have our fingers crossed, though trying very hard to not hold our breaths.

I’m racking my brain trying to remember the rules for our Star Wars drinking game. We might have to make up a few for the Star Wars day post.

Now it’s time to let my mind wander into what next week’s posts will be about. I love getting suggestions from you. I’ve gotten a few great ideas from other people. If there’s something that I’ve made for you, or something about my life you’d like to know more about, please let me know. I have a backlog of ideas to pull from, but I’m constantly on the hunt for inspiration.

And can I rant about lipstick for a minute, please? I have this particular brand in mind because it’s supposed to be a good drug store fake out for something expensive I’ve had my eye on. I’ve been to two different Long’s and neither one even sold lipstick in this brand. How do you carry a brand of makeup and then not sell their lipstick? That’s just weird.

Geoff’s trying to buy a new video game online. I love him more than words can say. Especially when I can read my food blogs without feeling guilty about the silence.

We make a perfect couple.


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