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Jump in the Deep End

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Real life certainly caught up with me today. When I arrived back at work after my day off, I had about three boxes worth of letters waiting to be stuffed. I literally used every glue stick in the office. At least half of them are still waiting to be sealed in the morning.

Even though traffic was harrowing, I knew I still had a lot of work waiting for me when I got home. In addition to writing my first post for a monthly feature on my blog, there were dishes and laundry to consider. Luckily, we ate leftovers, so dinner took absolutely zero effort. The funny thing is, I was looking forward to the writing. Blogging isn’t something I dread. I hope I can become good at it. Good enough to do it full time? I doubt it. I think you need friends for that.

I also learned that I cannot listen to a forty five minute news show about immigration laws without wanting to kick and stab. Like many things in life, I have a generally unrealistic, highly idealistic point of view on this matter. I’ve been an immigrant. I’m married to an immigrant. I hope to be an immigrant again some day. If free markets are supposedly so great and grand and perfect, why can’t we also have free borders? Why can’t people just live wherever they want on this planet of ours. Nationalism is not my thing. We’re all one human family, and this is the only planet we have to share. I can’t help but think of Frost and ask “before I built a wall, I’d ask to know what I was walling in or walling out.” Yes, this is naive where safety and security are concerned. But there is something in me that doesn’t love a wall.

My borders are open. All are welcome here in my small corner of this planet. Stop by. There will probably be cookies.


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