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We took a time machine back to the 90’s today by going to see Jurassic Park 3D. That’s such a great movie. It still really holds up. The old computers are the only thing that dates it, but it’s not a serious distraction. I had a great time. The best thing about going to an early matinee on a Monday is that there’s a chance that there might only be five other people in the whole theatre. Pretty sweet. Also, the 3D glasses are much better at Dole than at Ward. Just a tip.


We’re looking straight into the future with the blog. Geoff managed to buy the domain name for Awesome on 20. He’s spent a good part of the day trying to learn to code the damn thing so it will look exactly like it does in my crazy brain. He’s learning all of this by Google search and trial and error. It’s fun for awhile. Then it gets frustrating. Then he gets a headache from looking at the screen for too long. Then I feel bad asking him to change things. But I don’t want to put out a blog that I think is just okay. We’re not going to launch until I have the design just the way I want it.

Luckily, my goal was to stay on a free blog for six months. It’s only been about five weeks. I think we’ll arrive ahead of schedule and looking awesome. I’m glad he’s excited about the stuff that makes me want to kick things. The photography is hard enough. Can you imagine if I had to do all the tech stuff, too? It wouldn’t happen.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. This weekend has been like a dream. And it’s been made all the more wondrous by the fact that none of it was really planned. I just kept finding myself grinning unexpectedly at every turn. I’m hoping to hold onto this feeling for as long as possible.


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