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Three Day Weekend

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It’s past 10 on Sunday night,  and I’m pleased as punch because I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Normally I would be in bed by now and feeling down about a return to my freezing office, but not this week. Tomorrow I get to spend another carefree day with the man I love, and he’s promised it will start off with cholesterol sandwiches. I can’t wait.

We woke yet again at the crack of dawn. It wasn’t even the chickens this time. I just can’t manage to sleep past 6:30 it seems. We had intentions to go kayaking this morning, so I thought I had to tackle some tasks quick in a hurry before setting off. Even though I accomplished what I needed to do in plenty of time, it turns out that the rich snobby people of Kailua don’t actually want me to have a good time on a Sunday afternoon. They’ve banned certain “commercial activities,” aka they don’t want tourists in their town at “their” beaches, taking up “their” parking. It’s rather infuriating. It makes me want to go to Lanikai every day and park in the middle of two spaces, play loud music, and then never spend a single dime in their town. Fine, Kailua, be that way. See if I care.

Spam mac collage

I created a new recipe this morning all by myself. It was based off a technique I’d learned before, but this recipe, I feel, was sufficiently tweaked to be considered my own. And it was awesome. I don’t foresee Spam mac and cheese as being something I’d eat on a regular basis, but I was pretty proud of the fact that I just threw it together. It’s going to post to Awesome on 20 tomorrow morning. I’m hoping a few Spam lovers will find their way to it.

Geoff’s been working hard on learning blog design. He made me a new logo last night and tweaked some things with the look of the current wordpress site. I love the new look, and I’m so excited to see how it will turn out when we have complete control. It’s legit, kids, and I’m stoked.

I’ve been so happy this weekend. I’m so lucky to have a project that I’m passionate about instead of just an unattainable dream. And I’m so lucky to have someone by my side who not only supports me, but works as a partner to help me get where I want to go.

It’s all happening. And it’s beautiful.


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