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I said I would give myself the night off from writing, but I’m finding myself feeling compelled to say a few words. Not compelled enough to get out of my comfy bed, though. Blogging from my phone is slow and inaccurate. But the urge to write is strong enough to over compensate. Editing will have to wait for morning and a keyboard.

I read something rather inspiring over on A Beautiful Mess. It affirmed some of my own feelings about blogging, especially since it’s coming from such an expert. She emphasized having a genuine voice and not worrying about bowing to trends. It’s more important to be yourself. Great content is what attracts readers, which is ultimately more fulfilling than getting hits.

One thing I wonder is how people actually make friends through blogging. I don’t foresee that happening to me. Maybe because I’m just too much of a recluse or too insecure to put myself out there to be liked by another human. Yet I hear these successful bloggers saying they have made some of their closest friends through blogging. That sounds crazy to me.

In other news, we finally went to Eat the Street, an event I’ve been wanting to attend since before we moved here. I don’t know why we waited so long. It was awesome. There were about 40 food trucks all gathered in one place, and you could just wander around choosing what kind of food you wanted to try. It’s sort of like going to the fair, but more original.


We ended up at a barbecue truck. Geoff got the pulled pork sandwich plate with bbq baked beans and spicy mac and cheese. I ordered the pulled pork grilled cheese and shared his sides. My sandwich was amazing. It was so cheesey, but not overly greasy. It wasn’t overloaded with a mound of pork, which I like. And the sauce was sweet and spicy, plenty to give you the flavor, but not so much that it’s dripping down your arm. It was heavenly. The thing I liked about Geoff’s sandwich was that instead of being served on a boring white hamburger bun, it was served on a toasted baguette. Why aren’t all pulled pork sandwiches served on bread that can actually stand up to the challenge? Geoff’s mouth was burning from the mac and chesse, which he adores, and the beans were perfectly smoky, sweet, and delicious.

We also snagged the last mini sampler pack from the cupcake booth. It was a new place I’d never heard of called Dolcita or something like that. I’ll have to look it up. I had a tiny red velvet, a tiny black and pink chocolate/vanilla cupcake, a tiny cheesecake with what I think was lilikoi jelly/sauce on top, and a tiny maple bacon pancupcake. (Bacon was the theme for the month. Ironically, we ended up choosing something without bacon for dinner.) The red velvet was my personal favorite. I thought my bacon cupcake was definitely better than theirs.

It was a good day. I’m feeling pretty happy about life at the moment. I guess following your bliss really does work.


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