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I’ve nearly gone cross-eyed trying to catch up on my bloglovin’ feed. I managed to clear it, though. For now. We’re about to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones, so I better type fast.

This weekend has been hot. Today we walked to Magic Island to check out some thing Geoff read about on Facebook. Turns out it was sort of lame. At one point, the weather app on my phone tried to tell me there was a heat index of 102. I don’t know how accurate that thing is, but I wasn’t really prepared for three hours of walking in this heat. It’s only April. I need to prepare myself. And I need to go swimsuit shopping. Gross.

I’m still searching for that elusive confidence. I’m embarrassed by my own enthusiasm sometimes. It’s silly to get excited about something so pointless. To put so much effort into something that will ultimately get me nowhere. Why am I spending my time reading photography and food styling books? Why am I considering spending hundreds of dollars on a camera in the future? Why am I designing a header for a website? It’s crazy. I shouldn’t even be saying these things out loud. People will think I’m nuts.

To be fair, Geoff’s doing the actual designing. I’m just sitting next to him hopelessly trying to articulate what’s happening in my daydream.

And no, the irony has not escaped me that I’m writing blog posts in which I agonize about wanting to become a blogger. But this isn’t like a for real blog. Is it? Why do people read this nonsense? I’m glad that you do.

I have all my fingers crossed for an extension in my contract with the foodbank. Pretty much every member of the development staff, as well as one or two people from other departments, have expressed a desire for me to stay on permanently. Alas, it’s not up to them. Or me. Well, c’est la vie. I’ll make it work somehow.

What is life without change?


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