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Eyeball Toothpicks, Please

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I was tired all day today. What a surprise. I was extra annoyed that I had to laminate more crap at work today. Ugh. The life of an office slave is not all glitz and glamour.

Immediately after work I had to slap on some makeup and fail at an attempt to do something with my hair. We walked down to Kapiolani Park to try to get a decent head shot to send to Duncan Hines. I really just need to cut all my hair off. It’s awful.

head shot 1

We also allowed ourselves to go to Teddy’s for dinner. It was so freakin’ good. I love a good cheeseburger. There’s been a touch too much austerity around here lately.


Geoff had an interview today, and he thinks it went well. They were interviewing at least 8 people today, though. That makes me nervous. Of course, he is obviously the awesomest person for the job. I hope he gets it. He also scheduled another interview today. Hopefully, people are finally starting to realize how great he is.

I still have to make my geek photo a day. Today’s subject is “patronus.” I have no idea what my patronus would be. Given the idea that your patronus is the thing that protects you, I think my patronus should reflect the person who protects me. Geoff says the animal he most relates to is a wolf, so I guess that should be my patronus.

It makes sense in my mind. What’s your patronus?


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