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I managed to accomplish a very few things today, most monumental of which was to take a gigantic nap.Possibly most interesting to outsiders is the fact that we briefly attended the Scottish festival at Kapiolani Park this morning. They had bagpipes, Celtic dancers, big dudes in kilts throwing a giant rock-type thingy, and some medieval combat. The swords were the coolest bit. Oh, and you could buy a can of haggis for $12. Is that a good price? I passed.


Geoff’s been feeling extremely stressed over his job situation. He has a meet up with a dog walking client tomorrow, and an interview with Oahu Nature Tours on Wednesday. He also got an email this morning asking for more information about his web design business. I’m hoping that one of these options will provide him with fulfilling work and a reasonable income. Mostly, I hope it helps him be happy so he stops talking about me stabbing him.

I wrote a new post for the new blog which will publish at midnight tonight. I also considered, as I do every day, just deleting the whole thing because I obviously suck as a blogger and will not be able to sustain this concept over the long term. Also, I am the world’s worst photographer, so there’s that.

But then I didn’t delete it, I wrote a new post. So there’s that, too.

Ugh. It’s hopeless. Can self-deprecating and insecure just be my thing? That would really be helpful.



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