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We all know it’s true. My husband is much more popular than I am. He has more friends in real life, but he also beats me in all those measurable internety sort of ways, too. He got almost 50 likes for his new Facebook page in one day. I still hadn’t reached 30 after two weeks. His blog post was published about the chickens. We had over 50 views that day. Our highest so far. He’s had one of his blog posts on his personal blog get over 200 views. He wins. He’s better than me in every possible way.

But I was the one who got a mention and a follow on twitter from Joy the Baker, only one of the coolest food bloggers around. I was aghast. I could hardly believe she’d take time out of her busy life to mention me and give me encouragement. How sweet is this woman?

I remember when I finally got a follow for Treatsies bakery from Bakingdom. She and I are secretly best friends in an alternate universe. She just doesn’t know it.

I’m a complete introvert. There aren’t many people that I feel like I could connect with. The beautiful thing about blogging is its immediacy. My favorite bloggers are the ones who make you feel like you’re their friend. That you just hang out in their kitchen and share things. I hope that I can find my voice and make someone feel that way with my blog.

One of the things I’ve learned from listening to the early days of the Joy the Baker podcast is that these feelings of insecurity and impostor syndrome are probably sort of normal. I suspected they might be, but it’s good to hear from a successful blogger that she sometimes feels insecure.

Let’s all sing a cheesy song about making your dreams come true. Look out, world! This dog walker/web designer baker/blogger power couple is about to takeover the world. Or be homeless. One of the two.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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  1. Just want you to know…I’ve been following your blog since you were blogging in Taiwan. That was in 2011, I believe. I live 45 minutes outside of Nashville.. Grew up in Tennessee. My husband’s in the Army. Anyway, I really enjoy your writing. I stopped commenting a while back because I thought maybe your blog was just a journal, but I read your blog quite often. I’m still catching up on some of your posts. Been busy with my three munchkins. 🙂 Don’t stop writing. Just because someone doesn’t comment doesn’t mean we’re not reading your words. 🙂 And good luck on the new blog! I will start following that blog, too! Best.


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