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The same things keep going through my head over and over. It’s probably getting rather dull for anyone who lives outside my head. At the moment, I am thoroughly exhausted, and my husband is mad at me for flinching when he poked me in the ear. Who knew typing for eight hours could make someone so tired.

I had an interesting conversation this morning about confidence, and then again tonight about being intimidated by bloggers who have so many obvious advantages over me. People with giant kitchens who honeymoon in Paris and Italy have a huge head start. But what does somebody who gets a new SUV every year really have to say to someone like me? Well, beyond “put these ingredients together in this way,” not a whole lot most of the time.

I happened to be browsing my Pinterest board filled with eye-roller inspirational quotes about life. I secretly buy into all that crap. Don’t tell anyone, though. It’d ruin my street cred. It’s just that I have this mind, and I sort of like using it.

I was never one of those girls who could get what she wanted from her looks. And I certainly couldn’t ever buy my way to success. I guess that might be part of why I’ve had to struggle so much. And while I’m certainly no genius, I do feel like I have slightly above average intelligence. My brain just works in such strange ways that it doesn’t seem to make sense to anyone else.


I’ve let go of the life I thought I was supposed to have once before. It turned out that what was waiting for me was something more wonderful than what I ever thought possible. Maybe it’s time to shed some more fears, and discover what else is waiting out there.


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Life should be awesome, even if your paycheck isn't. I'm trying to live awesomely on $20 a day.

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  1. You are my inspiration.


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