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I knew when I went to bed last night that I hadn’t written a post. The prospect of sleep was just too alluring to deny. I had fully intended to write one as soon as I woke up. But then there was a Facebook message that completely wiped all original intentions from my mind. I’m not going to tell you about it yet because it happened today, and that would be cheating.


What I do want to talk about is Argo. Everybody on the planet has probably heard that it won Best Picture at the Oscars, as well as Best Drama at the Golden Globes. I have been so curious about this film for ages. It was pretty much exactly what I expected based on what I’d heard in the press. But in the best possible way. That’s to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ve said many times that I enjoy Ben Affleck much more as a director than I do as an actor. I did, however, very much enjoy his performance in Argo. It was restrained and honest.

The protest scenes in Iran created a heavy sense of tension. There were a few particularly brutal images, but just enough to give you the weight of the situation. Nothing too shocking or graphic.

John Goodman and Alan Alda were the brilliant comic relief of the film. They gave the film great balance. Plus, John Goodman is always a good thing.

What everybody said about the suspense is true. Even though this movie is based on a historical event, and you know how it’s going to end, it was still extremely suspenseful. I was truly concerned for those six escapees.

And I can’t end without talking about the fantastic glasses and facial hair. The production design team went to great lengths to recreate the period in both the sets and the costumes, hair, and makeup. I won’t think hipsters are legit until they start wearing the glasses worn in this film, and the hair was truly something to marvel at. Excellent verisimilitude. I salute you.

This wasn’t my favorite movie this year. My vote still goes to Django Unchained, but that has more to do with personal taste than anything lacking from Argo. It was a good solid film. I was thoroughly entertained. It’s intriguing, but not controversial. It was both riveting and comical. It had solid performances from well respected actors. It wasn’t super edgy or avant garde. But there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t watch it and enjoy it.


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