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What? Words? Thinking?

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I have officially shut down my brain. I’m really wishing I wasn’t having to make words right now. I can hardly believe there’s still one more day left until the weekend. Eight hours of work, then plenty of blissful nothingness.

I should probably try harder to entertain you. I just don’t think my brain works anymore. It’s barely after seven, and I’m already thinking about going to bed. I’m just staring at this screen hoping something will come to me, but it hasn’t.

So… We had cholesterol sandwiches for dinner. I’ve been going to a lot of restaurants lately, and I have to say, that sandwich was the best thing I’ve eaten all week. Our chickens lay delicious eggs.

Also still pondering a blog. I’ve lost my mind.

I only just noticed that I have ink all over my hands. This is what happens when introverts get overstimulated. They become completely dysfunctional.

Let’s ask the husband guy what I should write about. Three guesses what he says…

If you guessed “Your face” you win!

My face is looking pretty old and raggedy these days. I have permanent reverse raccoon eyes because I can’t go outside without sunglasses. The rest of my face is all stupid tan, but the skin around my eyes is pale. I look ridiculous. Also, I’m all kinds of wrinkly these days. Mostly, I feel pretty gross about my face.

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Help me. I can’t write anymore. Must sleep.


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