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Shhhhh… Can you hear that? Listen carefully. That’s the sound of a house devoid of all traces of out of town guests. That’s the sound of me doing absolutely nothing and going absolutely nowhere for at least several days. That’s the sound of me not driving the car anywhere for as long as humanly possible. That’s the sound of months about to pass without trips to the airport.

It’s also, of course, a bit of a sad sound. I know we’ll miss our families terribly. On the other hand, I need a bit of a break. If your family lives close by, you can go and visit them a few times a week, stop and chat, share a meal, and then go home and have a few days to yourself. When they live far away, you have to pack all of that communion into a few short weeks. You have to spend every possible moment with them. And why wouldn’t you? Make the most of it, and enjoy each other while you can. It can be a bit emotionally draining, though.

This isn't even close to everybody.

This isn’t even close to everybody.

I think it will take a few days to adjust to normal life. I know Geoff’s looking forward to getting back to work, whatever that may be. I remember when I was looking for work when we moved here, and every day that passed seemed like an eternity with nothing. When I stopped to think about it, only two weeks had actually passed. I know he’ll get something soon.

I also seem to have a ton of food in my fridge, but nothing to eat. One of the things I’m looking forward to most after all this excitement is getting back in my kitchen. I need to take stock of what we have and figure out what I can create. It should be fun.

I hope someone comes to visit again soon. But not too soon.


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