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With all the misfortune we’ve had in the year of the snake, we have been lucky in one thing lately. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for a majority of the time our guests have been in town. We had warm sun and clear skies almost the entire time. Except for today. Really though, for Hawaii in March, we should all consider ourselves very lucky to have had so much sunshine.

Today was Gaz and Laura’s last day. They fly out at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and it will take them two days to get back home to England, where they will no doubt be longing for the warm rain we had today. They weren’t about to allow the foul weather to deter them from making one last trip to the beach, though. After breakfast at Duke’s, we headed out to the wet sand and sat in the rain while Geoff and Gaz went for a swim in the grey ocean. They swore it wasn’t cold, but I live here. I can just wait for conditions to improve.


We had to go home and get showers and a nap before heading back out for dinner. We gorged ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory, and then proceeded to make our way home in the rain. Saying goodbye to Gaz and Laura at their hotel totally sucked. All I can say is that I hope we see them again very soon.

I have one sick puppy lying next to me right now. A walk home in the rain was the last thing he needed. I’m pretty sure he got this cold from me, so I know how miserable I’d feel if I had to walk home in the condition I was in on day two. He’s taking it like a man, though. Luckily, his mommy is here to look after him and bring him orange juice and a sandwich tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll enjoy getting to do a bit of mothering.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, and though I really enjoy my job, I can’t say I’m ready to return. But life has a way of moving too quickly sometimes. That’s just how it works. You just have to jump in and hold on. Here we go.


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