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Packing Tissues on a Kayak

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Normally, I wouldn’t recommend water sports when you’re suffering from a cold. Wet hands and tissues don’t really mix.

One thing I always recommend is breakfast at Cinnamon’s in Kailua. If you’re in Kailua before 2 pm, get yourself in to Cinnamon’s and try their red velvet pancakes or their eggs benedict. Their food is pretty amazing.

After stuffing our faces, we headed over to Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks to rent our equipment for the day. These people are always extremely helpful and usually try to give you the best deal possible. There was one change, though. You now have to pay a $3 landing fee if you want to land on any of the off shore islands. This has something to do with maintaining the bird sanctuary, so if it’s really going for that, I don’t mind at all.


The conditions were absolutely perfect for kayaking, if not for avoiding sunburns. As a sick person, I wasn’t at all disappointed that we weren’t able to paddle out to the Mokes due to an offshore wind. We landed on Flat Island, and then at Lanikai, where we swam in the perfectly blue water. Kayaking is one of our favorite activities to share with out of town guests.

We also took in the fireworks at the Hilton about as close up as you can get. I was amazed by the way the explosions echoed off the hotels. It was very impressive.

Our guest list is slowly dwindling. It’s been wonderful to have everyone here. I hope they all come visit more often.


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