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Several things happened today that go on my list of things I do not enjoy. First off, I woke up still feeling sick. Also the house is still full of stuff that really doesn’t have a home. Where’s it gonna go? I have no idea. Then we had to take the car in to an insurance appraiser. Not on the list is the fact that he cut us a check for $754. Back on the list is the fact that we have to spend $300 of it on a new grill.

Turns out that grill they spent three hours transporting that didn’t actually work when it came time to cook the food ended up getting broken on the way back to its owner’s house today. She’s a friend of a friend and someone we’ve never met. As far as we can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any damage that would prevent the grill from working, but we have to buy her a new one anyway, and it has to happen tomorrow because she’s apparently having a barbecue on Friday. So if you know anyone who wants to buy a slightly used grill, we’re going to have one for sale starting tomorrow. Because I totally have time for this.

We did finally get to take Emily to the beach, where I preceded to take a short power nap. She had a grand time, though, playing in the water with her Peepaw and Geoff. We also bought ice cream at Dairy Queen which is always on the awesome list.

Topping the list of my all time least favorite activities is taking Emily to the airport and saying goodbye. This never fails to break my heart. Ever. People may judge me negatively for the choices I’ve made. Perhaps they weren’t the choices other people would make. I’ve taken an unusual path, and it is filled with one constant heartache. What can I say but that it’s complicated. You’d just have to live my entire life to understand it.


I am so immensely proud of my daughter. We were crazy busy the entire week she was here and hardly got to relax at all. She was helpful and cheerful every day and never once complained. She is an exemplary young lady. I love her intensely.


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