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We woke up in a giant bed in the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. It was so much bigger than ours that I was completely sprawled out and nowhere near Geoff. There’s just something about elbowing the one you love in the middle of the night that adds to the intimacy, and yet, a king size bed can be an enjoyable luxury now and again. It was very comfortable and had a lovely view of Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head. You can also hear some of the animals at the zoo, which is lovely.

We didn’t get to spend much time here, though, as we had agreed to meet my aunt for breakfast the next morning. With my grandmother being in the hospital, we haven’t been able to spend much time together. It was lovely to be able to share a meal without a bunch of other people around. I had the eggs benedict at Lulu’s, and it was spectacular as always.

After that, it was time to pack everyone up and head to the Star of Honolulu for whale watching. We saw quite a few whales, including a couple of breaches, but they didn’t come right up to the boat like last year. Still, I think everyone was impressed.

From lunch at Gordon Biersch, we headed over the Pali to visit Grandma Pat in her hospital room in Kailua. She seemed to be feeling a bit better, and she reported getting excellent care. I believe she’ll be leaving the hospital Thursday morning and heading back to Washington Thursday night. She had to spend all of her trip to Hawaii in the hospital, but at least she had an amazing view.


After that we had to make time for one more visit, since it was Grandma Onie’s last night. We headed over to her hotel room, where she regaled us with tales of our ancestors, which is always so fascinating. I have a pretty awesome family.

All of this would have been much more enjoyable if I had been able to breathe. From the moment I woke up, I knew that everybody’s cold had made a home in my sinuses. I was congested and miserable all day, and by the time we got home to our disgusting house, all I could do was fall into bed. I know I should have written a post. I know I should have helped Geoff clean up the food that was left out in the kitchen from reception drop off. My body just wouldn’t let me. At least my body waited until the “honeymoon” to finally break down and get sick.


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