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6 Days and the Start of a Staycation

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We rose early this morning to make the trek into Waikiki to share breakfast at Duke’s with our wonderful friends Gaz and Laura. Having seen Gaz eat in the past, I knew he’d be in love with the buffet there. I think he had three plates full. Nothing like getting your money’s worth.

After that, we took a chilly plunge into the ocean in front of the Royal Hawaiian. The water is almost too shallow here. We walked several hundred yards from shore, and still it was only up to our knees. But the water was crystalline blue, and the sand was soft, and it was absolutely beautiful. Waikiki delivered for our friends.


We enjoyed a bit of a stroll through town, visiting the parrots at the Hyatt and the aquarium at the Pacific Beach. We also stopped in for drinks at the tackiest bar in Waikiki, Tiki Town in the International Marketplace. Tacky nostalgia is always enjoyable, especially when accompanied by rum.

We drug everybody up to our boring house for chicken chili and plenty of beer and wine. Gaz and Laura were dragging, being hit hard by the 10 hour time difference. I hope they get a good night’s rest and are ready to be drug all over the island tomorrow. I hear there are plans to visit the north shore. I just go where I’m told.

It was lovely to have a nice mellow relaxing day, and being surrounded by all those British accents has stirred my ridiculous anglophilia. I hope I’m able to visit England again soon, and for a good long time. I just adore it.

A wedding is right around the corner. I’d best get to work tomorrow if I’m going to make it all come together. Time is running out.


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  1. Sounds wonderful!

    Looking at your african grey, I miss mine so much! He’s living with my folks on the other end of the country.

    Take care.


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