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There are eight days to go, and our best man is flying here as we speak. I alternate between moments of calm and moments of panic. I feel like this is probably fairly normal.

I guess I’m learning that I’m a bit of a control freak. I have to play the role of bride for this particular event, so I can’t be in the kitchen making all the food. I can’t be at the site setting up and decorating. I can’t make sure everything is perfect. I can’t be responsible for everyone being where they need to be at the time they need to be there. This makes me feel rather uneasy.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for a while. I have two weeks off to take care of people and things. I just hope it all comes together on its own. There’s only so much I can do. Do I dare trust such and important event to others? I have no choice. I can only hope that I’ve clearly communicated my vision, and then let it go. If we make it to March 5th without any major disasters, then I may finally be able to relax.


We took a trip out to Waimanalo Bay to scope out the perfect ceremony site. It is just so beautiful out there. The ocean is the most spectacular shade of blue. The sand is white and soft. I love it. And the forecast is currently telling me it will be a sunny day with 0% chance of precipitation. I hope it stays that way. It probably won’t.

I also tuned in to the Oscars via Twitter and was trying to contain my excitement as best as I could. I didn’t get to watch the telecast, but I’m hoping to catch Adele’s and Jennifer Lawrence’s speeches on YouTube. I only have four movies left to watch, which is not too bad if you ask me. Have I mention I really freakin’ love movies?

I think we’re gonna make it. And I’m hoping we won’t be completely destitute by the time it’s all over. I just know the perfect job is waiting for Geoff just around the corner. He is going to be outrageously happy, which will make me happy, as well. And then everything will be lovely and perfect and wonderful.


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